Ranta’s redeeming features

(Written after release of Volume 1, Chapter 9.)

One could say that Ranta is literally the main antagonist of Hai to Gensou no Grimgal. He seems to go out of his way to sabotage the team for his own capricious, perverted whims, and the idiocy that he consistently shows is so conveniently placed as if to seem planned.

One could also say that it will soon be apparent that Ranta is the main protagonist. Like the Great Gatsby, where Nick Carraway is nothing more than a window to view the majesty, rise and fall, of its true protagonist, so too is Haruhiro nothing more than a personalityless everyman to behold the growth of Ranta from humble beginnings into a true hero.

In between these extremes we see Ranta as a poor, misunderstood boy who may or may not have potential for redemption.

What say you, dear readers? Let’s have a poll.

– hikaslap, Grimgal editor

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6 thoughts on “Ranta’s redeeming features

  1. If Ranta ended up as the true protagonist, then I have nothing to say except that the author has absolutely Zero idea of creating a long novel series. The max. ranta can serve as in my opinion as something sort of a mood-maker and fun guy – that’s it & nothing more.


  2. poor ranta D,:

    i don’t think he’s the main protagonist or anything, but come on, he’s a really fun character~!

    Most of the times that I thought this series was interesting and engaging were because of banter that he’s facilitated. Without him I would have thought the whole thing is taking forever to get anywhere.

    I think he’s a good facilitator. He makes a great support character socially and seems to be becoming an excellent dps. I just wish ppl would stop hating on him TT^TT ~~


  3. Love the guy, he is kind of a shit, but he can really put a smile on the faces of a bunch of kids one step away from dead, hard to believe he can keep his attitude after all that happened, and I really want to see what will happen after the last chapter
    All around I sort of don’t get the hate, it seems like the first time some people here read a character that goes beyond the typical archetypes.

    All characters seems unique and different from the norm, I love to see them grow slowly, gotta say this is quickly growing into my favourite fantasy novel, and all the characters are big part of it.


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