Who is our translator?

Hi, I’m hikaslap. I do all the posts on this website at the time of this writing. However, if you look at our “About” page, you’ll find that I’m not the translator. I’m merely his editor. But there’s more — I don’t know who the translator is. I don’t think anyone does. He generally updates weekly, which shows that he’s responsible, but I get little else from him besides feedback for my edits. And NanoDesu’s investigations into his affairs turn up irritatingly empty handed, as do my own personal investigations.

Somehow, I was assigned to this enigma of a creature. And even more befuddling, he has trusted me to be his mouthpiece! However, he (it?) is not one of many words, so most anything you read here will be mine, rather than his. Team Grimgal, (myself and castor212), properly also includes this translator, but how to credit him?

In my mind, I dub him the Translator of Mystery. TOM for short.

Gradually I swear I will uncover more about this mythical beast. And I will share my findings and speculations with all you dear readers. He thinks I can’t touch him. He simply allows me to do as I wish, believing in my inferiority.

As you see, he underestimates my integrity, and the determination of the human spirit. You’ll see, TOM. I’ll catch you yet, and you’ll regret letting me have my way.

—hikaslap, Grimgal editor

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11 thoughts on “Who is our translator?

  1. Why do you feel like you’ve been had? If anyone’s been had, it’s me. But not for long. Soon I’ll uncover the truth about TOM. Just wait a little while.


  2. I imagine your reaction to be exactly like the old M&M commercial the came on during December. “So how many chapters do you think he can do? I don’t know I never met the guy… He does exist! I do exist! uh TOM?”



  3. Whoa…
    The nickname of TOM really does fit him? her? it?
    Well, thanks anyway for bringing this novel to us English readers and good hunting.


  4. THANKS TOM !! i realy like your style of translation when reading Grimgal , it’s as if the novel was in english to begin with ..or how should i say it … somehow i can’t find the words ..you perfectly replicated the author style and transfered his thought along with the words ? it’s easy to enter the heart of the story ? anyway i’ve read many light and web novel but this is one of the best writting style wise but of course story wise too , keep up the good work , i hope all the 5 volume of the novel will get translated quickly while having the same quality as ever , and then again thank you ^^


    • I agree the writing is really well done! It is really easy to sink into and this certainly is one of the best writing style wise. Thanks TOM!


  5. I will always support all of you!!
    well the invisible kind one..
    but may your job in real life to be completed in the right way and in a faster one~


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