he is watching me

I got a letter today, guys. To my mailbox. A physical, personal letter. That’s already weird on it’s own, considering that we all talk to each other through chat or email. But this letter is pretty darn mysterious for other reasons. Why? Well, first, here are not some reasons why it’s mysterious:

Admittedly, there’s no return address or sender. There’s no stamp. There’s not even a recipient address. The front of the email is pretty blank, except for my name and random kanji-ish squares. But these don’t bother me, because they actually make total sense.

Now why do these make total sense? After all, I couldn’t have gotten the letter otherwise, right?

Because my damn mailbox was forced open.

I mean, yeah, I was kind of annoyed at first. I’d bought a package from Amazon that wasn’t too terribly expensive, so maybe they were just looking for something to rob. But my package was there. And so was this letter.

The truly mysterious thing is that it was addressed to “hikaslap”. And you know, my name’s not actually hikaslap.


I started to sweat a little bit.

I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to touch this letter covered in weird boxes. But I brought it home. I brought it indoors. I opened it.



(Well, I think you could say that green onions have heads. Maybe the better word is bulb? BUT THIS IS STILL PRETTY DARN CREEPY.)

I wonder who it’s from? No, just kidding. How could I wonder when I know exactly who it is? All the reverse ISP searching and Japanese citizenry cross-referencing I’ve been doing obviously failed to escape a certain person’s notice.

But I’m not afraid. I swear I’m not. I’ll keep editing Grimgal until the day I die (or until we lose interest). TOM can’t scare me.

Oh, wait. I just noticed. There’s something written inside…


Maybe that day will come sooner than I expect.

-hikaslap, Grimgal editor

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