will have to wait another week! =) Sorry!

No, really, I am sorry. I haven’t done much work on the last two chapters–in fact I haven’t even started.

Wish I could have, but not having a computer sucks and I have not had one lately. But I will have one soon! And next Sunday, our heroes will find the end of the first chapter of their currently five-volume-long story, and you will be there, watching them! Stalkers.

-hikaslap, Grimgal editor


EDIT 4/19: Whew! I finished editing the final chapter of Grimgal around 4PM PST today (Sunday) – like four hours ago. Figured I’d say that, especially since Nano tells me “readers are constantly in fear of stopped translations”

“and that the worst indication is when the deadline passes without any word!”

Dun dun dun! Well, here is my word. Grimgal’s end should be here in some such hours after TOM does some wizardry with it. And can I say some of your comments are quite funny? Particularly the guy named “sad leech” who said “whelp it’s 7PM no chapter, time to wait another week.”

I mean, it’s not like I’m only able to post stuff on Sunday, lol. Check back tomorrow!

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    • Ehhh, if I had prepped a copy and paste, I probably would have won. I’m alright though, I’ve gotten enough firsts to not be frustrated when I don’t get them. Besides, I can’t be online most days now…


  1. Awww, I was really looking forward to the new chapter…

    There is something I been meaning to ask, but had been afraid would come out as offensive; Is the chapter already translated and lacking only edition?


    • Forgot to say, thanks for working on the project! This is probably my favourite novel among the ones I read online.
      It has a very unique aspect to it that I really enjoy.


      • Lol, hikaslap I didn’t meant it like that, don’t feel bad. I am just surprised, most groups that translate novels that I know of are just one dude translating, and at best it gets proof read when placed online. This is a first.


      • Oh, is it? Well, at ND every project has a primary editor, so I’m not unique in this regard.


  2. “No longer patient leech”? xD Yeah, so I finished it earlier today (that is, around 4 PM Sunday PST), but TOM’s doing some of his arcane magic on it. I hoped it’d be out by Sunday night at least, but I suppose we’re looking at Monday at latest. =) But the last chapter has the nicest prose from this novel that I’ve seen yet!


  3. Great! It’s out! Time to read this… not. It’s 3:30 am of a Monday :P.
    I will wait until i am free tomorrow, but at least it’s here!

    Either way, much appreciation to all the people involved on this.


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