Level One is done!

Yay, that rhymed.

Volume 1 of Grimgal is now complete! If you stuck with us from beginning to end, thanks! If you’re just coming in, welcome! If you’re Ao Jyumonji, please don’t sue, and thank you for writing this book!

I’ll write a fuller post about our plans going forward later. Probably end of this week-ish (April 25th or so). =) See you then.

-hikaslap, Grimgal editor

(recently i learned that the official spelling is Grimgar. that’s so stupid. =< Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash. Our TL is…so much better)

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9 thoughts on “Level One is done!

  1. I’ve discovered Grimgal by a pure chance and boy, I was instantly hooked and read Level 1 in one go. Thank you so much for all the time you had spent and all the hard you have done on it so far. By all means, please continue, because it’s addictive as hell. Once more, thank you.


  2. hi, noob here, I easily found the link for volume 2, and I am seriously wondering if my brains got soo fried by sleeping late from baking, but I can’t find the links for volume 1, can anyone please help? It should be mentioned that a huge bunch of thanks go to the awesome people who spend all their time translating these light novels, the anime is taking too long to come out 🙂 blessings guys


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