Update on progress (May 1st) and…call for editor apps! (NOW CLOSED)

The below post was made on May 1, 2015. As of May 17, 2015, we are no longer looking for an editor. Thank you to all those who applied!


Hey, guys, it’s hikaslap. I know I said mid-May, but we decided it was a better idea to just get some things rolling sooner.

The pdf is actually going to go really quite slow, and Volume 2 will begin before we finish it. Maybe Volume 2 will start in a couple weeks or so? (along with the afterword for V1.) And the pdf won’t be ’til a while after.

To help speed the pdf, how about an editor call? 

Nano suggested that I open the pdf editing business to anyone else who’d like to try =) It’s a good idea, and it’s nice to have a fresh pair of eyes to help me and TOM work. How about it?

The instructions are below:

If interested, please send us an email atnanodesuadmin@googlegroups.com with the following info:

– Name (or screen-name)
– Age
– Brief description of English experience.
– Is English your first language? second? thirty-fourth?
– Brief description of prior editing experience, or if none, a brief description of why you would like to edit for us.
– In addition to the above information, please complete and send us the editor’s diagnostic: http://www.mediafire.com/?25m0dt6526f311r

There’s really only one opening right now, and it’s with our pdf. But after we finish it, there will still be a place for you on our team if you desire to continue.

If you’re particularly interested in working with us on Grimgal, not only should you follow the instructions on the link, but also send me a personal email at hikaslap@gmail.com and tell me what you like about the novel! =) And if possible please try signing onto the ND irc channel so that we can chat! And you can meet everyone else, too, including, uh, TOM. The channel is at #nanodesu on the Rizon server – if you need more instructions than that, go ahead and ask when you email me!

-hikaslap, Grimgal editor

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2 thoughts on “Update on progress (May 1st) and…call for editor apps! (NOW CLOSED)

  1. How about a shoutout at baka-tsuki as well. The guys there might have better experience in making pdfs. Thanks for the translation. I can’t help with editing but Ill just say my gratitude again, thanks.


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