update frequency and new editor!

Hey, guys, hikaslap here.

First, I’d like to say briefly that I now have a second to support me if (when?) I do fail utterly. Fall in battle. Die the good death, as it were, fighting the good fight in my ceaseless struggle against the inscrutable–the terrifying. (Working with TOM is kind of like working with aliens. You don’t really understand them, you’re pretty scared of them, but you can sometimes get useful stuff out of them if you’re careful…)

His name is Kuro-pi! Everyone give him a round of applause for joining me on death row!

Another matter is the chapter sizes. Grimgal Volume 1 had super short chapters, and we could release those weekly. However, reasonable chapters of reasonable books were not a paltry 3000 words a chapter like Grimgal 1 was, and Level 2 is looking like a much more “reasonable” book.

So we’ll probably start releasing chapter parts weekly instead. I’d like to keep everything in one piece, though, so maybe after we release, say, three parts, we’ll put them all together into one after we get to the next chapter.

Hope you enjoy our TL of Book 2!

-hikaslap, grimgal editor

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