hikadelay 2

Hey, everyone,

Chapter 2 will be up in about 36 hours or so, but I need a break for a couple weeks or so afterward. I’m super stressed lately because of school, not the least reason being that I am now heading into finals. Again. So we won’t release until then because I quite strongly desire to look them over the drafts first before we put them out =( i’m selfish i know.

(Actually the previous hikadelay was for a similar reason, but my finals last quarter were honestly not going to be as difficult or as numerous as the ones that lie ahead of me in the second week of June. I’m so dead, guys…or I would be if I were working on Grimgal at the same time lololol.)

Anyway yeah I’ll see you on the other side of finals. The fun summery side. And enjoy chapter 2 slowly – maybe read a sentence every hour or something, ’cause it’s gonna have to last you these three/two weeks. (We’ll lose two Sundays at most from this, but it might be only one.)

– hikaslap, Grimgal (primary) editor

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