hikadelay? JK

Where jk means just kidding. Yeah.

Chapter 3 will be released on time after all. It has been fully impressed upon me that I should try to release if possible, because then you guys might trust us less to keep consistent schedules and get irritated and frustrated and check the site less. Which seems true enough.

I do try, though. So if this ever happens again, please be patient, and know that we really try to do consistent work unless it’s unavoidable.

Also, check the site! Tell your friends! It’s good for our stats.

Anyway, the deal was since I’m indisposed to edit this week, not one but TWO editors will take over the main editing, to compromise with my personal attachment to the draft. (One of them is actually Mr. Boss nanodesuyo himself. scary!!) And we should hit chapter 4 by the week afterward.

That’s all! Thanks, and see you!


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16 thoughts on “hikadelay? JK

  1. thanks for the chapter. just one thing that bothers me all this time, why did you use capa/cappa? isn’t it better to write it as copper?


  2. Hot damn. Till now, I’ve never read a TL project with English that was SO FRICKING GOOD. Is it the TLer? Or the editors? I must know. Please accept my feelings, senpais.

    May your webhosts remain eternally online, and your work forever untouched by the evil Y○n Pr○ss demons.


    • Hm. I mean, we’re all kind of awesome. TOM is twenty stories high and abhors humanity, while me and Kuro are the steadfast guardians. Seriously though, I think that the parts of Grimgal that impact me the most are the ones I change the least. I also think that Kuro-pi’s joining improved the quality significantly.

      You should check out Chaika, translated by NDTL, or Rokka TLed by NDTL (English is extremely good starting around Vol 2, I think), and Henneko TLed by NDTL if you can still find it anywhere.

      Lastly, http://shinsekai.cadet-nine.org/ is great English, though I hear people criticize its occasional innaccuracies (but he marks every line he’s not sure about online).

      PS. Biblia is opening soon at ND and I think it’s simply brilliant. I’m helping out on that project too so check it out =)


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