PDF And ePub Version Available For Download.

Allo my fellow denizens of the void. DevilHands here with a very special announcement. As the title says the PDF and ePub version of Grimgal volume 1 is now ready for download.* It has been quite a journey towards what is a very major release for us, so I would like to give a very big thank you to the following staff and members:

??? (TOM) – For translating this wonderful series.

Hikaslap – For overseeing this amazing project and input when composing the compiled versions.

Kuro-pi – For doing the everso thankless job of editing this series to being the best it can be.

Castor2122 – For going above and beyond in delivering the typesetted images.

(This is where I would thank myself, but I’m not that egotistical.)

In this release also comes bonus content exclusive to the PDF and ePub versions that you won’t see anywhere else.


– DH

*Note there will be a version 2 of both files in a couple of days. This is to repair some small 
format mistakes that were missed at the last minute and replace some lower quality images.*

EDIT: The above text was on September 26. A couple days naturally turned into a month because it turned out we didn’t really have time to retypeset all the graphics until now, but hey! The fixed pdf is here on Nov 1. =) Just download it from the same link.

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8 thoughts on “PDF And ePub Version Available For Download.

    • When the files are updated they will be labled as updated next to the download links with the date. And it will be announced via Facebook and Twitter.


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