State of the (Grimgal) Union Address – One Year Anniversary 10/19/2015

Hey, everybody! hikaslap here. I’m just going to ramble about a few things, but the first one is kind of important, so please read that at least.

The latest chapter, Volume 2 Chapter 15, is relatively shorter, as was Chapter 14. These are indeed the full chapters. Some of you may think we’re slowing down, what with the short full chapters and chapter parts, but we’re not! Really! When we post a full chapter, it will always be around the same size as the chapter parts we do. That means that, say, Chapter 16, which will be split up into four parts, is around four times the size of a usual chapter. Very long.

(the above paragraph used to say three parts but it’s longer than i thought)

Now for some other stuff. The polished pdf for volume 1 has been done for awhile, except for the illustrations. Those are taking awhile, because I mean… some things are more important than updated illustrations, and a better format. The better format IS better though. It fixes the inconsistent format of the bonus material (which is awesome btw, so DOWNLOAD THE EBOOK), to look more like the rest of the book. Did I say DOWNLOAD THE EBOOK yet? And distribute it everywhere and so on!

Also. Yay! Grimgal has an anime now, slated for January 2016, but announced two days ago – just in time for our one year anniversary! I’d love to be more active in the TL site and talk about the anime and stuff, but sadly it comes at a time where all of us on the Grimgal staff are super busy. Even TOM has been quiet lately – which is a good thing for the human race, but a bad thing for Grimgal updates. The impetus is there for us to move faster on the translations, but we all physically cannot move any faster than we currently are.

We won’t move any slower, though, not when we’ve been going strong here for 364 days already. Probably. Maybe. Most likely. (Do I sound like Haruhiro, or what?) Thanks for sticking with us! Spread the word, talk about us, etc.

I’m actually sorta sad that Grimgal has an anime. I thought that it’d just be our little secret but now it’s gonna be this big THING and n00bs will come to our site in droves and we’ll hit millions of views and stuff… I mean, I think. It happened to Rokka no Yuusha. Maybe Grimgal won’t be such a popular anime though. Regardless, feel free to let everybody know in the comments that you liked Grimgal before it was cool/popular/well-known, etc, and that you are therefore awesome. I’m kidding about the n00bs. If the anime brought you here, and you liked the story, you’re nice. You’re not a noob, you’re…nice. Yeah. Thanks!

Also, can I just say it’s kind of annoying that the anime will probably call it Grimgar??? With an R???? I swear, I TOLD TOM about this months ago, I was afraid this would happen, but then he was like “you know, official sources don’t always know what will sound good.” And he’s right. The official Grimgal ppl don’t seem to see that Grimgar is a much bad very not good name compared to GrimgaL, but I mean, they made the book!! So it’s ok if it’s them! Right?! Why couldn’t we just stick with the R? Will we have to change everything now? Ahhhhhh!


Stupid Grimgar =(

-hikaslap, Grimgal editor

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21 thoughts on “State of the (Grimgal) Union Address – One Year Anniversary 10/19/2015

  1. I’ll never call it Grimgar!
    And I’ll make sure to let secondaries know how much they suck for calling it Grimgar! The… nice… people…


  2. Hello! I’m new to grimgal and I would like to thank you for all the things you guys have done (translation, editing and etc) you really done a great job. m(_ _)m

    Really? There’s an anime? Wahh I can’t wait


  3. The anime looks quite different than what I expected. Then again it might be because the illustrations for grimgal is… unique. Also im sticking to grimgal and will never change it.


  4. Lol grimgar….grim…gar… I don’t know. It looks weird but sounds nice(to me). Sounds like a monster while grimgal, well, sounds like a grim gal(lol). Either way who cares.


    • But good news for everyone else. To be fair, you should pay for stories you like, it’s just that there’s no way to properly do it until it’s licensed. C’mon.


  5. I came here because the anime was announced, it looked interesting enough and I wanted to learn more about it. Found out I really liked reading it. Thanks so much for your hard work getting it out to us! Can’t wait for more!


  6. Yeah inb4 it was cool

    I’m kinda curious to see how the animation style compares to the ln illustrations. Ln has a style that reminds me of old rpgs bsck in the day.


  7. If there is anime i wish the voice actor of haru will not Matsuoka yoshitsugu (Kirito, bell crannel, Souma Yukihira) its kinda mainstream if he play the role of haru


  8. Thought i’d let the chaps pile up b4 i came bck to read it, but couldn’t resist to check after the anime announcement, great work u’ve been doing. I’m pretty hyped about the anime, though haruhiro looks quite different from the illustrations .


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