Volume 2 is dead; Long live Volume 3. (hikaslap is dead, long live Kuro-pi+Ayumi)

Hi everybody,

We’re at the end of another one! Yaaaay! Anime is coming in a couple months. Yaaaay!

WordPress is broken. Boooooo!

Yeah, so there’s not much chitchat to be had here. Haruhiro’s growth as a leader marches on, chapter 17 of Volume 2 was pretty anticlimactic, (and its title makes no sense), and we can all move on the Volume 3, which is presumably more interesting. I don’t know. My staff seemed to like Volume 2 better than Volume 1, but I liked the first one better. =(

Now for some announcements. “WordPress is broken” means that, for the menus we have above, “Home”, “Level 1”, so on, they all vanished on most of our projects. We’re one of the only sites that still have it and that’s because nanodesuyo added it back manually, the rest of them have the table of contents on the right hand side. So forgive us if they sometimes don’t show up in those menus. We have to add them in manually now, and it’s easier to make a mistake, or forget.

“hikaslap is dead” doesn’t mean I’m dead. I’m still here. It just means I won’t be editing for Volume 3 onward, though I may serve as pdf editor going forward, and I’ll also do whatever little things the Grimgal project needs. I’ve got my eye on it still! Basically, it allows me time to focus on taming and subduing TOM while my editors worry about his drafts, which is rather dangerous for them. Because some drafts are deadly. Like… like bombs. Kuro-pi and Ayumi are my bomb squad. Yeah.

Please welcome our new editor Ayumi! Ayumi will join Kuro-pi in editing Grimgal from herein. According to Ayumi’s bio, they really shouldn’t be doing this right now, so let’s thank ’em for taking some time out of their lives for this. Especially since you never know whether you’ll get a chapter of Grimgal or an incantation of Armageddon from TOM.

We quite literally put our lives on the line in the course of our work, the editors more than anyone. Bomb squad. You know.

Volume 3 will begin in time for Christmas. The ebook releases (pdf/epub) for Volume Two will take awhile longer… pdf edits need to be completed first, courtesy of Fire Girl editor Superal, and then there’s the typesetting time. We’ll try to get it in time for Christmas as well, but it may happen that we won’t have them until January. Sorry about that, guys.

That’s all for now. See you!



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7 thoughts on “Volume 2 is dead; Long live Volume 3. (hikaslap is dead, long live Kuro-pi+Ayumi)

  1. So does that mean Ayumi has to deal with T.O.M’S antics? Lol jk jk……still waiting for a continuation of that fanfic though…… XD


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