From TOM: Did you know Grimgal has a spinoff?

This is part 4 of 4 of a narrative post about a recent encounter with the demon TOM, since TOM wants you to know about a spinoff to clear up some confusion. Part 3 is here. Parts 1 and 2 can be found here, but parts 1 and 2 do NOT contain any important messages TOM wants you to read. Unless you consider cute girls a “message” in and of itself. 

It might be a little confusing without parts 1 and 2, so it’s ok if you just read the two TLDR sections below. 


TLDR: There is a super ecchi Grimgal spinoff by the same author, but different illustrator, that has both a webnovel and a light novel version. It’s called What’s Wrong With Great Heroes Being Unemployed?, published by Overlap. (of course, the two versions may differ). Grimgal’s main story, the subject of this website, does NOT HAVE a webnovel version.

But anyway, that’s kind of cool that one author is that flexible, isn’t it? The author of Grimgal can do that… It’s nice of you to tell us you think our translation is good, but the better the source material is, the more TOM has to work with, and the source material is pretty well written.

TOM and us hope that one day there can be an authorized English version of Grimgal that does its author justice.

TLDR 2: In my records below, the girl borrowed translations from, who also makes some commentary on the spinoff. In fact, he translated a fair amount as a sample – basically two whole chapters. Also, I really really really like this oniichanyamete blog in general. He’s really funny!

For the official website of the spinoff, where you can see the cover art, click these words here. And here’s what Estelion from oniichanyamete has to say about it: “Remember in Grimgal how with the starting money, everybody got their jobs? Well this guy blew all his money, and set out with his party as a jobless NEET, and yeah…”






Despite how touched he was by Ame’s feelings for the Grimgal project, hikaslap still wanted to escape. But it was impossible for him. Each of the four doors had an inscription; the first one had been something weird about infinity, and the second one had said, “Find the sum of the values 1 + 1/4 + 1/9 + 1/16 + … + 1/n^2 + … as n goes to infinity”. hikaslap had no idea how to add those up.

Meanwhile the third door asked, “Give an example of two infinite sets with the same cardinality, but where one is a proper subset of the other.” What was up with these doors and infinity? And just how much did TOM like math? Only the fourth door, somewhat smaller and newer looking than the other doors, had something he could try. “Find three whole numbers that solve the equation a3 + b3 = c3”.

“I want to try this door,” said hikaslap. They were done talking with all of the topics on TOM’s laundry list, for hikaslap to report back on the Grimgal blog. Ame grinned. “Good choice! Let’s do it!”

There were pencils and paper conveniently located on the stone floor. As hikaslap began to try easy combinations such as 1, 2, 3, or 2, 2, 4, Ame said, “So did you know about the Grimgal spinoff?”

“The what?” Damn, 27 plus 27 didn’t equal 64.

“There’s a spinoff also by Ao Jyumonji. It’s set in the land of Grimgal, too, but with different characters. It’s also kinda ecchi. Actually a lot ecchi.”

“Uh huh.” 64 plus 64 didn’t equal 125, but it was close! Sooooo close.

“It’s called Daieiyuu ga Mushoku de Nani ga Warui, or What’s wrong with Great Heroes being Unemployed? The illustrator is different though; their name is Erect Touch, which maybe gives you an idea of what it’s like…”

His ears perked up in the middle of multiplying 6 to the power 3. “Did you just say the word ‘erect’?”

“Yeah, that’s the name of the illustrator.”

“What’s this again?”

“A perverted hentai spinoff of Grimgal, by the author of Grimgal.”

“I’ve got to see this.”

She produced for him a piece of paper with some words on it. “This has both a webnovel and a light novel version,” she said. “But the main story doesn’t have a webnovel version.”

hikaslap read it when she handed it to him. It began:


It was as if I could hear someone calling to me, and I opened my eyes.

Following that were some words about candles, “spaced in even intervals in a line along the wall that seemed to stretch on forever.

“What the hell!” said hikaslap. “This is just Grimgal’s opening!”

She took the book, flipped to a random page, and handed it back.

“To begin with, what the fuck is up with those tits of yours. It’s like a fucking weapon. Even tits should have their limits. Aren’t your tits way too big? Is ‘Tits’ your middle name or something.”

hikaslap closed the book. “I’m sorry. Let’s get back to this math problem.”

They went on in relative silence for another half hour.


hikaslap multiplied increasingly terrible large bad numbers, until he groaned, saying, “This is impossible!”

As if responding to his words, the door glowed and vanished. Outside the entryway was a vast expanse of blue sky.

“Well, time to throw these away,” said Ame, picking up the fifty or so pieces of papers they used, while hikaslap sat bemused at the answer. “I’m surprised you haven’t heard of this,” she continued. “You don’t know Fermat’s Last Theorem?”

“Well, when you put it like that, it does sound familiar,” said hikaslap. “But I thought it was more complicated than this.”

“Maybe you saw it with the letter n instead of the number 3, like an + bn = cn,” she replied, as blue flames ate all the papers up. “Did you enjoy the Sangaku?”

“Another Japanese word?”

She laughed. “Yeah, well, these aren’t exactly Sangaku. But Sangaku are ancient Japanese tablets with math problems and cool pictures painted on them. They were offerings to Shinto gods, back in the day.” She sighed. “Sometimes I miss those days, so I make a few up with modern math, as offerings for TOM. If you know the math, all four of these questions are kind of easy…”

hikaslap was a little taken aback. “These are all yours? I thought TOM wrote all these.”

“Hmm,” said Ame, as her hair glowed as blue as the sky outside. “Maybe you’re a little prejudiced.”

She did not look at him, though he looked at her.

“Hey,” said the girl. “To go home, you walk out into the sky and just fall, and keep falling. I’ll make sure that you don’t fall into anything but your bed at home. Okay? It was good talking with you.”


“Ready to go, then?”

She still did not look at him, and hikaslap began to wonder if he would ever return to this stone castle. Palace. Whatever.

“Yeah,” he said. He stood in the door frame and beheld the big blue.

“Don’t die too quickly when you face TOM later, okay?”

“Uh, okay.”

hikaslap stood there, mustering up the courage to jump, while Ame-something watched.

“It always works best when I push them,” she muttered, and hikaslap yelped.

Her hands were on his back, and hikaslap was screaming, and she was saying something, what was she saying?

“My name is Ame—”

Then hikaslap was falling, and for just a second or two, before the wind whipped away all sound, he could hear her call.

“My name is Ameranth! Ameranth! You hear me? A, M, E, R, A…”

He was weightless in blue, but gradually he could feel a deceleration that felt separate from the air rippling through his shirt, hair, and the narrow slits of his eyes. It was a growing sense of viscosity.

Time seemed to freeze again. And once again, his cheek was pressed against something soft, warm, and clad in cotton. His whole body was pressed against it; he could feel the force of gravity on his face, nose, front torso and thighs.

No, time had not frozen. He found that could move. He could roll around. He turned himself over and saw the ceiling of his room, and realized that he was no longer falling anywhere.

He was in bed, where he might have just woken from a dream.

The dictionary told him that in myth, the “amaranth” was a flower that never fades, wilts, or dies. hikaslap wondered about all the other “heroes” she had mentioned before.

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18 thoughts on “From TOM: Did you know Grimgal has a spinoff?

  1. Had a shot at the doors.

    First door: do the real numbers work? I don’t know much about orders.
    Second door: (π^2)/6. Used a calculator for that one.
    Third door: I think reals and {x:0<x<1} works.
    Fourth door: no solution. I actually knew this one! Yay!


    • Erhem. Amaranth told me that you have to specify the “multiplicative group of real numbers”, whatever that means… if you ever learn abstract algebra you’ll learn all sorts of things about groups and “order of an element”.

      She also says door three works, and that using a calculator is cheating! I didn’t get to use one!


      • Two out of four isn’t too bad. And, for a high school kid, knowing what infinite sums are and how to input them onto a calculator is doing pretty well.


    • Okay, from what I’ve seen, it means to find a set with an infinite number of elements which has at least one of them that turns into the identity element when squared, being the identity element the one element of the group that, when applied to any other element of the group by the associated operation, leaves them unchanged (the element to square must be different from the identity element).
      In reals, the identity element is 0 for addition(/substraction) and 1 for multiplication(/division).

      This means that the group of integers (with multiplication as operation) would be a fitting answer, since -1^2 = 1, being -1 a member of the integer group. Also, any group associated with multiplication that has “integer” as a subgroup (like rational, real or complex numbers) is also valid. Any other infinite group associated with multiplication of which both -1 and 1 for part of are also valid.


  2. I count three starting party members. May they be, per chance the ones that came just before Haruhiro’s batch? The odd ones that hadn’t bought their contracts yet and were regarded as oddballs?


  3. 1st Door : No idea.
    2nd Door : Seems a lot more complicated than it looks. Checked the solution up online.
    3rd Door : Would the set of Real Numbers, and the set containing Real Number excluding Zero (R {0}) work? Cardinality should be countably infinite, but 0 is not an element in the 2nd set, so the 2nd set is a proper subset of the 1st one.
    4th Door : Euler’s Theorem shows that should not be any solution to the equation. I’m not smart enough to explain why.


  4. What’s with all this math and theorms…oh my god. I’ve solved it hikaslap. I’ve solved it! TOM must be a demon lord from Little Garden that escaped to the real world. It all makes sense now…


  5. You know, it’s really kinda surreal to just up and choose to hunt around for anything extra on the grimgar wordpress before it all gets deleted, and stumble over questions that were in my Tools of Scientific Computing homework last week. Really surreal.

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