Welcome anime watchers!

To be honest, I didn’t see this day coming. Yo!

We have tons of welcome posts and FAQ-type information all around so I’ll get to the big question. Welcome to the site of the GrimgaR translation – we have existed for a year and a half under the name GrimgaL, right here. There will be a minor transition period, but hopefully we’ll begin to make all our chapter updates on this site. You can scroll down to see why we changed our name, or just go here: https://grimgarthetranslation.wordpress.com/2015/12/22/why-grimgal-changed-its-name/

-hikaslap (who is NOT the translator, but who makes literally every post here)

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3 thoughts on “Welcome anime watchers!

  1. Err well the anime is err if you compare it to the LN and the manga I would say that they don’t look desperate enough in the anime and most of all I can’t help but be disappointed by the female thief onee-san in the anime if you care her to the one in the manga cause the one in the manga is like the personification of an Onee-san -_- it’s too early to decide so I guess I’ll wait till they finish the anime before I give my verdict

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