TOM, The Translator of Grimgar

So, like, I get the strong impression that all you guys following along with the story in recent months don’t know about the translator.

I want everyone to please understand that even though NanoDesu Translations is a group effort, every translation “we” do is an extremely personal endeavor. We’re not a translation factory where every book comes out the same cookie-cutter style—we’re more like an alliance where each TLer brings all their own personal brand of experience, skill, and devotion to the table.

When you thank or credit us, please don’t do so namelessly. The translator of this project has a face and a name. Sadly, anyone who looks at his face will be driven insane, and anyone who hears his name will die and be reborn an evil zombie, so you can’t use those.

You may call the translator TOM, short for “Translator of Mystery”. Please remember this—that there is this real person here, who is not me, and who translates, albeit mysteriously. Thanks a lot!

(TOM doesn’t want to post any words of his own, and Jesus, Buddha, and Cthulhu all tell me to make sure he never posts anything, so you’ll only be hearing me talk. But please, remember TOM, and keep him in your hearts. In your hearts… just as he wishes you to……..)


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14 thoughts on “TOM, The Translator of Grimgar

  1. Thanks TOM!
    Is there any way to donate? I really want this project to continue updating like this and I want to do at least something to contribute. Can’t find any donation button or something


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