While we wait for Volume 4, let’s have ourselves a poll…

Hey, it’s hikaslap. We’re on break now, but I figure this will be entertaining for us. Or me, at least, since I didn’t ask anybody else what they wanted to put on the poll. Sorry, Kuro-pi and Ayumi! Next time I randomly decide to poll the herd, I’ll ask you!

What do you guys think?

Standings as of July 14, 2016:

Romance (ooooh!) 32% (1,554 votes)

Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles… (Doesn’t sound too bad.) 27.7% (1,345 votes)

Adventure (ahhhh!) 11.94% (580 votes)

Moar OP protagonist harem story (pls. 0 votes, pls) 9.49% (461 votes)

Less of Ranta! (but maybe he’s more popular lately?) 6.86% (333 votes)

More explanation about the magic system (ehh who cares…) 3.95% (192 votes)

Hints to the team’s forgotten past (isn’t volume 4 a little early for this?) 3.69% (179 votes)

Minigames/puzzles interspersed into the text (Logic puzzles and secret links to random stuff we write. lol, watch this get 0 votes…) 2.7% (131 votes)

More of Souma! (never heard of him…) 1.67% (81 votes)

Total votes: 4856

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5 thoughts on “While we wait for Volume 4, let’s have ourselves a poll…

  1. I voted for ‘Adventure’ though it is really something you would expect from this series. But judging from what happened in Volume Three there’s a very big change to Haruhiro and the team, without a primary tank it is inevitable, so I’m looking forward to what will happen.

    There’s something I would want to see, however it is not listed in the poll. It’s character progression for everyone, particularly the girls, for they got less screen time from the previous volume. So I’m hoping they would get stronger, equipped with new skills, and be more capable in battle.

    Also romance won’t hurt.


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