A new volume begins! + important announcements + recruitment

Chapter 1 Part 1 has been out for several days now, and here’s a belated volume opening post. Supposedly Volume 4 is the best Grimgar volume yet, so we’re in for a treat. Yay! A note on the title translation is at the bottom of this page. 

Okay, let’s get some less important stuff out of the way. We’ll upload the Afterword to Volume 3 as soon as we can (there is no appendix), and I’ll finish the EPUB and PDF, er, soon. You are free to yell at me if I take until July 31st to release it. I’m sorry!


Now this is a little important. You may have noticed Chapter 1 part 1 was rather short. Well, let us expand on this. I, hikaslap, have at last understood a piece of the secret behind TOM’s dark grip on human souls. I have taken the requisite steps and mitigated the horror, with one adverse effect: I am no longer able to harness TOM’s evil power to update Grimgar as fast as I used to.

For those of you who disbelieve in the inhuman beast called TOM with the world under its thumb, perhaps you will prefer this version of the story.

“TOM”, who is “human” and “normal”, has switched paths in his “career”, and needs to do a lot of additional training to pick up skills, get up to speed, and become familiar with his new industry. He’s paid less, works harder, and has a lot less time, so no more video game playing…well, not that he played many in the first place.

It’s not clear when this situation will end, and we’re all very apologetic about this, especially when Grimgal is getting so good. TOM will still translate, but more slowly. In the past we’ve finished about a volume every six months, but that pace is going to slash in half—it’ll be about a year before Volume 4 finishes. We hope for your forgiveness, your understanding, and that you will not flame us.

We will appreciate translation help, actually, but please note that Grimgal’s standards are pretty high, and the novel is difficult compared to many LNs. Please submit an application here, https://nanodesutranslations.wordpress.com/join-the-team/, and let us know you want to translate Grimgal. If you’re above par, we’ll work something out with you as the newest member of Team Grimgal. Together we will make war against the evil TOM.


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12 thoughts on “A new volume begins! + important announcements + recruitment

  1. Awesome work Hikaslapper and co. and I look forward to seeing new members on Team Grimgal! As painful as the waiting can be, my nails have never been shorter thanks to the latest releases! Best of luck TOM in your new quest of gaining new skills in pagan witchcraft or satanic rituals… or other forms of mysteriousness~

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  2. Excited to see that V4’s translation has started. TOM’s situation, however is slightly saddening, but entirely understandable. Best of luck to him in his endeavors. While I’d love to have a full chapter a week, I know that that’s not always a guarantee, and other things do take priority. So, yeah, no worries. I’m just grateful the lot of you are willing to do this.

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  3. Hika must have gotten close and now TOM had to get a new career trying to blend in and throw him off his scent. Watch it maybe he started working somewhere close to ya!

    On a serious note good luck on your endeavors guys, whatever they may be =P

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  4. No flaming from me, i’m just happy to read something regardless of length. Hope your guys’ dreams and goals are achieved as they come first! ;] Thanks!


  5. Uh… Two questions:
    1) Do you care for Kor > Eng translations?
    2) If you don’t mind Kor > Eng, is Vol.4 supposed to be only ~57 pages?


      • I used to do Kor>Eng scanlations, and brief searching did show that Grimgar has been translated into Korean already, so I was asking if you would mind a Kor>Eng translator.

        Though since it is Jap>Kor>Eng I can tell that it’s not particularly the best choice, but if the situation doesn’t improve…


      • Oh! How interesting! Are they much farther along than we are?

        Though that doesn’t mean we’re interested in doing the thing, so sorry…

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  6. Glad you’re back on. What you do here is a gift to the fans; we can expect nothing more than what you’re willing to give. I wish you the best in your career change, TOM. Take care of number 1. Gratitude to the whole team. Thanks for making this story accessible to us!


  7. I’m usually a lurker on this site, but i wanted to take the time to give my thanks to the team! thanks for the translations and keeping up with regular updates!


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