Current Progress – UNRELEASING!

LEVEL 4: 43% (Project was licensed at Chapter 7 (Part 4 of 4) of 18, on 10/27/16.)

And thanks for participating in the poll! People really like their romance, huh? I like love too. And no one likes Souma, but unfortunately for you guys, he’s on the front cover. (I have no idea how to lock the poll, so I posted the results as of 7/14.)

Project is currently being unreleased!!!!!!!


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18 thoughts on “Current Progress – UNRELEASING!

  1. Thx for translation,tht 98% tho XD. And have anyone see the PV for grimgal…err..grim…gar actually :v it’s not bad,but sadly not as good as I expected to be,well,it’s not much a prob,Im just hoping that the anime will be interesting

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  2. Do you guys think you can make an RSS feed for your releases? You guys are pretty punctual and I appreciate that but it’d still be a nice thing to have.


  3. My wild guess is that Choco-san is probably Haruhiro-kun’s imouto.
    And if she dies I’d never ever read this series again xD
    It was just my opinion though and I apologize if I offended anyone.
    RIP previous leader-kun btw. ( ‘-‘)7


  4. Hi guys! Am from the PH. I love your TL works!

    … It’s not that I have read the Japanese, original one, though, but because am a writer and editor, too. And here in PH we practice a lot of local languages, but we translate it to English to make our articles understood universally, and I oftentimes find it very hard to translate local statements. It’s like writing the whole statement again; its construction, but all the while maintaining its meaning, lingual approach, and message.

    I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, but you guys are like Ao’s counterpart… or even himself speaking the different words that the rest of the world understands.

    If there’s anything I could help you guys with!… 😀

    God bless!

    Will continue following your Grimgar works!


      • Thanks for the translation but just out of curiosity. why does making epub on nanodesu take so long? if it just coping text and formatting it should only take a few hour of works, but every project here seems to take around 1 month.on bakatsuki or other sites, it usually come out on the same week. does nanodesu require to go over line over line again on editing? but is that necessary? if it just spelling error and stuff like that, wont reader report them by comment?


      • We generally edit everything again before releasing to PDF/ePub, yes. The issue is that once things are released to PDF/ePub, it’s unlikely that we ever make a second PDF/ePub release, so we want to make sure everything is up to standard for the first time. If we had to make a new PDF every time a reader reported an issue then we’d be wasting a lot of typesetting resources that could be moved to other things. And the types of errors we want to catch are much more stylistic and flow-based rather than just simple spelling/grammatical errors. The simple errors are caught generally before things are posted to the site – now we want to optimize how well the work read as a novel. I don’t think many groups pay as much attention to that as they should, but we’ve made a point of always making that a priority here at ND.


      • @nanodesu

        why not just release 2 version? V0.1 that is the beta version with text directly taken after a volume finsih and one final version that is a proper edited? seems a great way to give reader a choic


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