Update on ebook status/general status

Hi guys! It’s hikaslap!

In the previous post, nanodesu came onto the Grimgal page =( He doesn’t belong here. But that’s what happens when you’re late on updates, I guess, is you get your boss barging in, and a buttload of comments yelling at us (none of which we can approve)…

the chapter is up now, and yes, I’ve been having some fun problems with batteries and technology.

As for the ebooks, I’M WORKING ON IT ;___; literally right this moment!!!! I’m sorry I said end of July, sorry sorry sorry ahhhh go ahead and yell at me in the comments all you want ahhhh i’m sorrrryyyyy


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11 thoughts on “Update on ebook status/general status

  1. Hey, just speaking for myself, but I appreciate that you do these translations AT ALL. Thank you. I personally understand the woes of technology fighting back, and causing delays.


  2. Wow some people really need a bit more EQ.

    Guys chill we all should just be thankful that they are doing the translation at all. And this group in particular is one of the more regular when it comes to updates.

    @hikaslap – no worries technology has this funny ability of choosing the worst time to spectacularly fail us. Its happened to everyone Im sure. Keep up the good work!


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