No release today… (BUT!)

Hi everybody, it’s hikaslap. The evil TOM is so evil, he has a “work crunch”. Whether a “work crunch” is some new vile ritual or otherwise, I know not, but in any case, TOM will be performing this “work crunch” until September. It is dastardly. I am sorry.

In fact, I am no stranger to these “work crunches”, but in the past, the editors and I have always managed to set up a chapter buffer barrier so that we can release translated material even while the ritual occurs. But TOM has a new “job”, and they have been more frequent…so now our chapter buffer is gone.

I’m not sure how frequently this will happen again, and we’ll certainly try to build more buffers. In the meantime, I’ll see if I can outsource some work? Maybe I can enlist another translator to help out on Grimgal in-house. And I’d still love it if someone could apply!

In other news (BUT!), I’ll finish the pdf and epub today. Yes, I know the Afterword has not been translated yet. Sorry! I can add it in pretty quickly as a second release.

EPUB and pdf are DONE! Come check it out!


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9 thoughts on “No release today… (BUT!)

  1. Aaahhh… So there will be no updates till september… _o_

    Any way TOM has a life too. So we cant just force him to continue, so I’ll eait patiently till till you guys post an update. Goid luck grimgar team…


  2. Now there’s an idea. We could force TOM to continue…..Mwahaha. JK, anyways shit happens, I’m not real concerned.
    I wouldn’t mind if someone else wants to fill in translating, but in the end it’s up to TOM and the rest of the team. It might be less of a burden on TOM knowing that when he gets in a jam, he would have a back up translator.


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