Grimgal has been licensed.

Hi everybody,

On Oct 27, the Grimgal novels were announced having been licensed under the name “Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash”.


The distributor is  J-Novel, an digital, online platform for light novels. The company is hot off the press; their first releases were just a couple weeks ago! See:

Our procedure here will be old hat; we’ll follow an unrelease schedule, with details to follow. However it might be a little fast, since J-Novel in fact has already released the opening chapters to Grimgal! Check out the available parts here:  . Most are subscriber only but the Chapter 0 and Chapter 1 are free to read at It’s interesting to compare styles between us; their translation is significantly different! Can you see how we each evoke distinct moods and tones?

Full book comes out December 16 2016. Preorder on Amazon:

Again, more information, announcements, goodbyes to follow later. I will say briefly that it is always our hope that the novels we love get wide audiences in a way that directly benefits the creators, and generally the best way to do that is an official release. Thank you all for sticking with us.



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25 thoughts on “Grimgal has been licensed.

  1. This is bittersweet. I’m sad to say goodbye to your translations, they were my Sunday ritual. Thank you so much for your work, I truly loved it.


  2. I’d like to thank nanodesu for respecting our license, and hope that the readers here will help support the official releases at! We’re translating the series at a pace of about 1 volume every 2 months, so we should be caught up to where nanodesu’s translations were in no time.

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  3. Many thanks, hikaslap,TOM,ND,Lono, and everyone that has helped this project. You guys have my utmost gratitude. I’m going to miss checking this site every sunday :/ sadly can’t subscribe, I’m still a student and doesn’t have any earnings yet, so farewell, my sunday pal


    • Wow, someone actually thanked me! Thank you too, good person! Helping a bit with the Grimgar translation was a really nice experience for me and I hope reading it was nice for you all as well. Let’s hope that with Grimgar being licensed it will reach even more persons, so that they all can know this awesome series!


  4. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
    Ugh, thank you so much for everything so far, NanoDesu best Grimgar tls for life ;w;!!


  5. WAIT….


    Well. Thank you very much for the time and effort that you’ve put into this translation, I just hope that J-Novel won’t fudge around with release dates too much.

    So without further ado. Thank you, and goodbye.


  6. NUOOooOOOOoooOOO…
    Well, this sucks. It’ll take a while for them to catch up, i guess.

    Either way, thanks to the Nano-desu team and TOM for translating this for so long with such good quality Thanks for the translation, it was great 😀


  7. I much prefer licensed LNs to come in printed format, but doesn’t look like J-Novel will be doing that 😦

    Well, at least they aren’t limiting distribution to only the US like a number of other digital publishers do. Guess I’ll just have to go and order them and keep reading on my phone.


  8. While there is always that gap where we don’t have translations for a little while, I am very pleased to see Grimgar getting licensed. Licensed material is a good thing for the industry.
    Thanks for all the translations you all have provided! It was quite the fun ride!


  9. Thanks to all of the Nanodesu team, especially TOM, Hikaslap and Lono for all of your hard work.
    Definitely going to miss grimgaL, it’s going to be a long wait until J-Novel reaches volume 4

    Hope to see you working in another project *wink*DaiEiyuu*wink* 😀


  10. Thanks for the long ride wished for more but,


  11. Oh man, I’m going to miss having my weekly grimgar fix, it was something to look forward to every week.

    I really enjoyed reading the comments from the others, how they felt and what they thought.
    Every Sunday this was where we’d all gather and it made reading feel a lot less solitary.

    Many thanks to the translating team TOM, hikaslap and Lono for everything.


  12. Well, It’s very sad for people who don’t have credit card or something like that, Here in latin america there are people who have problems with money, if you dont have enought money for food (for example) books aren´t exactly the first option to buy. Bye bye Grimgar, a very good light novel.


  13. i feel bittersweet, i like TOM’s translations, Lono’s and hikaslap’s work are very appreciated too, i don’t like to change something that i’m happy with. But nothing i can do i quess, sometimes changes are good, sometimes bad, but that moment when it’s so good you don’t want to take the risk 😦


  14. First it was Rokka no yousha and now Grimgar, i’m kind of sad but realy happy at the same time, ive been folowing this translation for almost a year now. Thanks to the NanoDesu staff for they’re hard work, realy, thank you so much, so much.


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