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Jan 13, 2017:

I am getting damn tired of you worthless people using all using the Contact Us for the same damn thing—where are the Grimgar translations, you ask, and can you please send them to me? My friends, the translations are up your ass!!!

If it sounds like I am angry, it’s because I am, and if you sent me one of these emails (and I have not replied), I am angry at you. These emails all read the same. You love Grimgal very much, but you came late to the party; you ask for our kindness in sending you the translations, and profess your respect for our hard work. But for a series you supposedly “love”, you’re not willing to pay for an official translation of equal quality which we support! And you call that respect? You ask for our kindness?? Why the hell do you think we took these translations down in the first place? Read the damn front page!

May TOM have mercy on all of your good-for-nothing souls.


(You can read the official translation here, after purchasing a subscription:

or simply buy the novels on Amazon in ebook form. Currently, as of Jan 13 2017, only volume 1 is out,, with a price of seven dollars. I’m pretty sure that you can obtain access to these no matter where in the world you are, so there’s no good reason anymore to try and get ours for free.)


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