Chapter 5 – Container

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LEVEL2: Everything is Precious, Nothing is Replaceable

Chapter 5: Container

They returned to Altana before sunset and sold the day’s loot at a shop near the marketplace. The talismans, collected from five lesser kobolds and seven low-ranked kobold workers, amounted to just a little over seven silvers.

“This is kinda sad,” Yume sighed, expression subdued as she gazed at the seven silvers and the handful of copper coins.

“It’s not sad,” Ranta said, frowning deeply. “It’s fricking pathetic! Seriously, what the hell?!”

“I guess I was expecting a little more too,” Mogzo said, forcing a “haha”.

“Yeah…” Shihoru hung her head low. “This is less than what we make fighting goblins…”

“Uh…” Haruhiro wanted to say something to cheer everyone up, but he couldn’t think of anything positive.

“All we fought were normal kobolds.” Mary immediately made up for Haruhiro’s lack of words with her cool and calm voice. “We’ll be able to make more money once we start fighting elders.”

Haruhiro, more than a little flustered, nodded vigorously. “Y-yeah, that’s right. And it’s not like the fighting was tough. In the beginning things were a little awkward, but later on we were taking down the kobolds easily and no one really got injured, I think. Fighting low level kobolds means we don’t get much from them, right?”

“You better be sure,” Ranta scoffed. “If tomorrow isn’t any better, be prepared to own up to it, Haruhiro!”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Haruhiro demanded.

“It means that if you really mean what you say, you’ll give me your share of the cut if things don’t turn out how you think.”

“Why should I do something like that?”

“What? It was your idea to go to the Siren Mines, wasn’t it?”

“But you agreed with it, right?”

“It wasn’t my idea. All I did was give my approval. The retard that came up with the idea is the most responsible. It’s been like that for a gazillion years!”

“Whatever you say,” Haruhiro said, giving up.

“Damn straight, it’s whatever I say!” Ranta declared.

That much was absolutely true. Haruhiro’s inability to argue back to Ranta left him despondent, even though there wasn’t any reason to feel that way. Maybe he was just tired—but if so, it was undoubtedly Ranta’s fault.

Even while everyone ate dinner together at a stall (which, though cheap, had a good reputation), Ranta spewed stupid words every time he opened his mouth. It was only at times like this—namely, when Haruhiro was in no mood to talk—that Ranta would just provoke him nonstop. Ranta was just that type of person. Fine then. If he was going to be like that, Haruhiro would just ignore him completely.

“Hey, Haruhiro,” Ranta started.


“Oy, Haruhiro.”


“Heeey,” said Ranta, drawing out the word, “Haruhiro.”


“Hey, hey, hey. Haruhiro.”



Still holding onto a half-eaten chicken skewer, Ranta began an odd dance around him. “Hey hey hey! Oy oy oy! Heyyy heyyy, oyyy oyyy! Heeeey! Oyyyyyy! Hey hey hey! Oy oy oy!”

Shit. Ranta was kicking up his legs and swinging his hips around madly, but why was it that his upper body stayed in place? It was incredibly gross, but strangely comical at the same time. Haruhiro turned away. He figured everyone one else was trying to avoid looking in Ranta’s direction too, but then… laughter.

It sounded restrained but Haruhiro could definitely hear a soft chuckling. Not just from one person but from several. Suddenly, Yume burst into laughter.

“Whahoo!” Ranta’s glee was apparent. “Hoi hoi hoi!”

Unable to contain herself any longer, Shihoru began laughing too. Ranta began to careen around in earnest. “Hoi hoi hoi! Ho ho ho hoi! Hoi hoi hoi!”

Mogzo was the next to give in, and only Haruhiro and Mary remained. Haruhiro looked her way and saw that, although her gaze was on the floor, her shoulders were trembling. Ranta drew close to her and danced even crazier than before, unleashing the full power of his Hoi Hoi Dance on her in an all out offensive.

Mary! No! But she seemed at the limits of self-control. Her face was basically flat against the stall’s counter now—a posture that told Haruhiro she was holding out on willpower alone.

“Hoi hoi hoiiiii! Hoi hoi! Hoi hoi hoiiiii! Hoi hoi hoi! Hoi hoi! Hoi hoi hoiiiii! Hoi hoi hoi! Hoi hoi!Hoi hoi hoiiiii!”

Mary struggled to stifle her laughter.

Hang in there, Mary! Don’t give in; resist! Resist it! How did it come to this? Why did Haruhiro even make this his fight in the first place?

Suddenly, his urge to laugh faded, and then disappeared entirely. Haruhiro swiftly maneuvered himself behind Ranta and jammed his heel into the back of Ranta’s knee. Ranta, cut off mid hoi, spun on Haruhiro as he returned to his spot at the counter.

“What the hell are you doing, retard!” Ranta exclaimed. “I almost had her!”

“Quit spitting at me, it’s gross,” Haruhiro replied calmly.

Ranta responded by purposely spluttering on him.

“Hey! Stop it!”

You stop it, idiot!” He continued spitting.

Ranta’s spit attacks were indiscriminate and turned the scene into an utter disaster as everybody else, and their food, became victims as well. The mood went from amused to angry, Ranta inappropriately delighting in it all. Because of that, everyone was in a foul mood as they returned to the lodge.

“Aaaaaalllright!” Ranta declared after they had reached their room. “The girls have the baths first, so it’s all-you-can-peep today!”

How could Ranta think about that at a time like this? Haruhiro could only marvel at his lack of sensitivity. Not wanting to spend any more energy on him, Haruhiro turned over in his bunk so that his back was turned to the overly-excited Ranta.

“Haruhiro, what’s your problem? You coming or what?” Ranta asked. “It’s useless over-thinking what would happen if we’re caught again, so don’t think about it, idiot! Hey, Mogzo! You coming?”

“N-no thanks,” Mogzo replied after a moment’s hesitation.

“What?!” Ranta raged. “C’mon! I can’t use you as a footstool if you don’t come!”

“I’m… not a footstool,” Mogzo replied.

“So become one! You’d be a great footstool!”

“I don’t want to become one…”

“What you want has nothing to do with it! Just do as I say! Trust me! I won’t get you into trouble, okay?!”

“I-I’m staying here.”

For Mogzo, it was a pretty stern refusal. Ranta backed down, if only slightly.

“Fine! I’ll take on this great responsibility myself then. Don’t come crying to me if you regret it later, ’cause I won’t give you any sympathy! Got it?!”

“Okay,” Mogzo said.

“Really?! Is it really okay?! Really really REALLY?!” Ranta persisted.

“I said it’s okay,” Mogzo insisted.

“It’s not okay! Mogzo! If you won’t be my footstool then my entire strategy will fail—no, it’ll be useless! So COME! I don’t care what you say, I’m taking you with me!” Ranta made to drag Mogzo along, but couldn’t move him an inch. “You’re too heavy! C’mon why won’t you budge! Damn it, how much do you weigh, ya fatty?!”

“Yeah, I guess I am pretty fat…” Mogzo admitted.

“You’re not fat,” Haruhiro interjected without thinking. “You’re not fat, Mogzo,” he repeated. “It’s not like your belly’s sticking out or anything. You’ve just got a lot of muscle.”

“Ah, I get it.” Ranta slammed a hand on Haruhiro’s bunk. “Finally decided you wanted in? What am I gonna do with you, huh? Whatever, let’s go. C’mon, hurry and get up!”

How Ranta was able to interpret Haruhiro’s defense of Mogzo like that, Haruhiro hadn’t the slightest idea. Wasn’t there anyone who could dispose of Ranta for him, sooner rather than later? And Haruhiro wasn’t joking about that.

After they had finished their turn bathing, the boys returned to the room. Haruhiro put out the lights, made his way over to his bunk and in the pitch darkness, stayed awake to think.

The essence of it came down to this: should they keep Ranta in the party or kick him out?

As far as Haruhiro was concerned, he admitted there were times he never wanted to see Ranta’s face again. It would be an enormous relief if Ranta just went away and never came back. But it wasn’t just Haruhiro. He wasn’t sure about Mogzo and Mary, but Ranta was always spitting vitriol at Yume and Shihoru. They weren’t the type to speak ill of people to others, but even so it was clear that they hated him. Ranta was just that insufferable.

Haruhiro couldn’t make a decision based on emotions alone, though. He had to consider practical factors too; in other words, Ranta’s fighting ability. If they kicked Ranta from the party, how would it affect their team during a fight?

Is thinking about these things what it means to be a leader? he wondered.

Currently, Ranta functioned as their second tank, behind Mogzo. He was reasonably well armored, equipped with chainmail under leather and a bucket helm. But the Dread Knight fighting style wasn’t based on close combat. It was an idiosyncratic mid-range style where fighters darted in and out of striking range, doing everything they could to avoid short, blade-locking distances. Rather than involving straightforward attacks, their techniques made their fights into cat-and-mouse games.

Strictly speaking, Dread Knights were actually supposed to be attackers, not tanks. And considering Ranta’s personality, perhaps a Dread Knight’s style suited him better than the Warrior class.

Asking Yume to tank in her light armor was impossible, and Haruhiro wasn’t suited for it either. Mary and Shihoru were out of the question as Priest and Mage, respectively. That left only Ranta. If they kicked Ranta out, they would lose their second tank and not having anyone to replace him hurt their fighting ability.

Their fighting ability would be diminished if they kicked Ranta without having anybody to take his place as their second tank.

If so, then it was simply a matter of finding someone to replace him. Unlike healers, fighters were plentiful. Haruhiro had a feeling they wouldn’t have a hard time finding a replacement. If they asked the well-connected Kikkawa, he could probably help find someone who would fit in. After all, that was how they recruited Mary. Granted, working with her had been rough in the beginning, but they were slowly getting better at understanding each other.

The overbearingly extroverted Kikkawa made good friends with everyone and he might have been a better judge of personality than most gave him credit for. Haruhiro wanted to think that there were was a slew of available Warriors who were better than Ranta. Perhaps. Maybe. It was definitely an option worth considering.

Mogzo was snoring loudly, already fast asleep. Ranta was usually the first to do so, but no matter how much Haruhiro strained his ears, he couldn’t hear the peculiar way of breathing that characterized Ranta’s slumber.

“Ranta,” Haruhiro called tentatively, to which Ranta replied, “Yeah?”

“Um…” Haruhiro hesitated.

“What do you want?” Ranta asked impatiently.

“I want to talk to you about something.”


“Not here. I don’t want to wake Mogzo. How about going outside?”


As they exited the lodge, Haruhiro wondered why he was doing something like this. Did he have something he wanted to talk to Ranta about? He sure didn’t want to speak with the guy but for some reason felt a sort of obligation.

Whatever the decision was, one thing was certain: it would be horrible to plot and contrive behind Ranta’s back now, only to tell him later, without warning, that his job was done and that the party no longer needed him. Haruhiro didn’t feel like Ranta deserved something like that, no matter how badly he thought of him. Or maybe Haruhiro just didn’t want himself to be a backstabbing coward.

No, forget maybe. Of course he didn’t want to become one. That was just too… But why? Why did he have to plot and scheme and, all joking aside, bloody his hands just to get rid of Ranta?


Haruhiro crouched against the side of the building, leaning back against the wall. Ranta followed suit.


“Um… what do you think? About our party,” asked Haruhiro.

“It’s a party,” Ranta replied evenly. “All there is to it.”

“What do you mean by that? That it’s ‘all there is to it’?”

“Look, do you have a problem with me? I think you know I’ve always done my part.”

“How so?”

“Can you say I haven’t? I dealt with one kobold myself today, didn’t I? That’s proof right there.”

“If everyone had surrounded it we would have finished it in a fraction of the time it took you alone,” Haruhiro pointed out.

“Can you pull that off all the time?” Ranta countered. “Hell no. If I can keep one enemy completely occupied in a fight you can do your… what’s it called? Flexibility to a certain extent? Battle tactics? Whatever, some fancy shit.”

So despite Ranta being Ranta, he did put thought into things when they were fighting. But that didn’t change anything.

Haruhiro pressed a palm into his face. “How am I supposed to know what you’re thinking in the middle of a fight if you don’t tell me?”

“You’re telling me you want me to explain every intention behind every action then ask for your opinion before I do it?”

“I never said anything like that. But there’s stuff that doesn’t get conveyed if you don’t say it, so that’s why I’m talking to you now. You’re already easy to misunderstand and this just makes it worse.”

“You don’t really think it’s some kinda misunderstanding, do you?” Ranta picked up a nearby pebble then tossed it away. “You guys just judge and make assumptions about what I’m thinking based on your impressions of me.”

“Even if that were true, we formed our impressions of you based on what you do and what you say.”

“So you’re saying it’s my fault.”

“If not you then who? Mine? Yume’s? Shihoru’s? Mogzo’s? Mary’s?” Haruhiro felt his temper rising. Need to stay calm. Need to keep a cool head. He didn’t want to turn this into a fight. He sighed and said, “We work as a team. There needs to be a certain level of… cooperation between everyone.”

“So what? Are you saying I’m uncooperative?” Ranta challenged.

“Are you saying you are cooperative?”


“Well, you’re uncooperative.”

“Look Haruhiro, everyone has things they’re good and bad at. So I have my faults, but what about you guys? Everyone except me’s perfect? I’m a goddamn sinner and you guys are saints, huh.”

“…I never said that.”

“So. Name my faults. You think I’m selfish?”

“Yes. And annoying.”

“Fuck you.”

“And a foul mouth too. And you’re pretty quick to blame everyone else.”

“What!? How is every single thing my fault? Collective responsibility, dumbass! Collective responsibility. That’s why it’s called a ‘team’.”

“That’s something a six-year old would say. It’s not even a logical argument.”

“What’s NOT logical about it? It’s brilliantly logical. Insanely logical,” Ranta argued.

“I’m not going off on another tangent with you.”

“Fine. What about you then, Mr. I’m-Perfect-All-the-Time Haruhiro? Why don’t I shut up then and we talk about your faults.”

“Me?” Haruhiro’s mouth clamped shut. Faults. Shortcomings. What were his? It wasn’t as if he didn’t have any; he had so many it was like all his good points were buried under a mountain of them. But,” Why do I have to list them for you?”

“Oh. I get it now. It’s bitch bitch bitch about Ranta all the time and when it comes to you, you ain’t got shit to say. I soooo get it.”

“Get what? What are you talking about?”

“You know damn well what I’m talking about! It’s easy for you guys to blame all OUR problems on me, so you do it all the time. And what? Does that make you feel better? More like a real team? Is that your idea of building solidarity?”

“Wait, we—”

“You’re saying it’s NOT true? Fucking liar.”

“…It’s not like we get together to conspire behind your back and blame you for everything,” Haruhiro said.

“Why? Why would you? No one needs to say shit ’cause everyone’s already in on it. You guys already decided that I’m your scapegoat.”

“You’re beyond paranoid.”

“Is that what you really think?” Ranta’s tone dripped with sarcasm. “Fine. Whatever. Thanks to me, you guys can just keep ignoring your own faults. But let me ask you: Have I ever, EVER, said a single damn thing about everyone treating me like a scapegoat? I’m only saying it now because you brought it up first, Haruhiro. If you didn’t drag me out here, I wasn’t gonna whine about it. I don’t give a shit about baby games like getting along with the other kids in the class. If you want to hate me, hate me all you want, I’ll play the bad guy or whatever. Sure. It’s fine. But we’re a ‘team’ and I’ll do my part. Because that’s what you call ‘teamwork’.”

Haruhiro opened his mouth to reply, but couldn’t find any words. He brought Ranta out here with the intention of asking him to leave their party. His reasoning had convinced him it was in the team’s best interests. Honestly, he wasn’t confident in his ability to kick Ranta out straight away but he at least wanted to lay down the terms. Give Ranta a chance to improve his behavior and let him know they could no longer be part of the same team if he didn’t.

That had been the plan, anyway.

Maybe his reasoning was too one-sided. Were he and the others really using Ranta as a scapegoat? He had a hard time believing it. Ranta also shared responsibility in why everyone always faulted him. He could only blame himself for everyone emphasizing his shortcomings.

—We’re not in the wrong here. Ranta’s the one who’s completely, totally, utterly wrong.

If that was true, then it was better to get rid of Ranta now rather than later after all. Personally, it would be like a weight off Haruhiro’s shoulders. He could explain it to everyone afterwards and they would understand, right? The problem was he couldn’t say with unwavering certainty that he wouldn’t regret it later.

And if there were any regrets to be had, they would impact Haruhiro hardest of all. He was the one who weighed the factors, he was the one who made the judgment call, and he would be the one to kick Ranta out. In the end, the burden of responsibility was heaviest on himself.

Why? Why am I the one who has to deal with everything?

“I’m going back to sleep,” Ranta declared, getting to his feet and returning to their room.

Haruhiro remained where he was, unmoving. His insides felt heavy and his stomach hurt.

I don’t want to do this anymore, he thought to himself. I don’t want to think about it anymore. Enough’s enough. I’m not suited to be a leader. I can’t do it. I can’t take the responsibility. Manato… help me…

He knew full well Manato was gone, but he couldn’t help it. There was no one else he could ask.

“Is leadership really this lonely…?”

It just wasn’t in him to be a leader. It was like trying to fill a container riddled with holes.


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        These flags were poppin’ out literally everywhere in the second volume….


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        2. They were too cautious, having at least on person that rush ahead is good for balance, the first time they were about to turn back on a floor in which any of them could had killed two of those lesser kobols by themselves, and the miser reward they got is proof enough they were never in real danger on those floors. Furthermore, he didn’t force people down, he expressed his desire to go down.

        Also, I insist it is ridiculous to hold that first against him, it would be healthier, from a psychological point of view, if they were more easy going about their lives. That’s their life now, fighting and going back to enjoy what little free and safe time they can get, if they are all anal about everything all the time things won’t go better. They need to chill out, if Ranta go too far for their taste, then be more leveled, but why get so mad about something so simple as somebody actually expressing his feelings and joking around?


    • He still broke his promise and deliberately screwed them and the strategy they had all agreed on. Doesn’t matter if warrior suited him or not. He shouldn’t have volunteered for the position and then gone back on his word. Let’s all remember that this isn’t a game for them. It’s life and death. They are all beginners and the advice they got from everyone is that a warrior and priest in a party is a must! For beginners you NEED a tank that takes hits. Aggro without being a tank is worthless, unless you have high speed/agility, skills, TEAMWORK and plenty of room to move.

      There is no such thing as too cautious when lives are in the balance. They should’ve built up their confidence and skill in fighting kobolds on the first floor. Finding weaknesses and strategems with the weaker kobolds before penetrating deeper into the dungeon and away from the safety ofthe exit.

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    • “Such things as insults really do exist”
      No they don’t, they really don’t. If you take that kind of thing seriously you are bound to overthink stuff people don’t really give a shit about, and by 15 you should be adult enough to take that kind of thing, otherwise you are going to have a rough time in HighSchool.
      About the hurting themselves or whatever, why not actually say something about rather than just being mildly annoyed and complain to themselves while thinking they are any better? It was clear what Ranta was doing, by any means, so why is it so hard to figure out? Even if the main characters have problems with that because the author wants them to, at least the people reading should know better. Debate the considerations, in my personal opinions Ranta actions, such as wanting to try himself one on one with the Kobol, is standard in fighting. In a controlled ambient, and it is controlled because those first few floors were filled with nothing with scrap and escaping was easy enough is needed, it is the best chance to force himself onto harder stuff to grow, similarly to how holding back on the healing until it is really necessary to save mana. It’s common sense.
      To sum up, he didn’t do anything to truly justify thinking he would cause troubles when he is needed, it is all speculation with a weak base, and to make it worst if he truly had they never mentioned anything of the sort and the “leader” never really got to work on strategies beyond on moment before a fight.


      • I’m sorry, but your argument is full of holes… One there are such things as insults or at least the power of negativity. There’s been research done where it shows that being hit with negativity(such as demeaning words, disrespectful tones, bullying,sexual harassment) from another person can causes the brain to fire the same neurons that react to when you’re being punched in the stomach. So yes insults hurt like a B.

        Also biologically women’s hormone and brain structures aren’t actually fully completed till they are 21 and men’s at 25.So no being 15 years old, does not mean they are fully capable of dealing with the verbal equivalent of being punched in the stomach every single day

        Therefore, I (keyword I) believe that Ranta is a immature and disrespectful baby. He’s full of sexual harassment jokes(and also insults) which are completely disgusting and also jokes that are in complete poor taste with regards to the situation. And no matter how small his actual sexual harassment is (one being his fascination and quick to bring up insult with regards to one of the female characters tits) that doesn’t mean that it helps the team whatsoever. So no I don’t think it would be clear at all for the team members to see that he’s trying to “lighten up” the situation because he’s an ass who doesn’t ever let up in how disrespectful or demeaning he is.

        That and Haruhiro went up to him that was not aggressive ( though he did agitated and say some completely stupid things) and rather than Ranta actually trying to fix anything he gets extremely aggressive and again(though he did bring up some valid points) shifts blame from himself to his surroundings.

        All that said, we are getting this perspective from an extremely pathetic character who is too focused on being a great leader. So I might be completely wrong about Ranta, but I’ll stick to my thoughts about Ranta basically being a misdirected asshole, who thinks he’s doing the right thing, but good intentions are the road to hell…


  9. For the first paragraph: That is a bad presumption to make. Proof that not everyone can take it is suicide victims which spans across all ages and ethnicity, unless you are saying they are the ones at fault? You should not need to be able to take it. Everyone has different levels of sensitivities.
    Second paragraph: They could speak up, but they don’t because, from what I remember, he rarely, if not never, listens to what they say, which is why they have stopped listening to what he says. It may be clear to you about Ranta’s thoughts, but you are not everyone and everyone is not you. Also author never explored his mind, only Haruhiro’s. This is in third person limited point of view. Lastly, I’m pretty sure there were sleeping kobolds on their level? Even if it was mentioned that they are deep sleepers, it does not completely eliminate the possibility of them waking up, which would make it a dangerous environment, even if the level of danger is lowered. Think of it from the other characters’ perspectives, they seem to lack confidence and are not strong enough to handle more than a few kobolds at a time. Negative thought are more influential as confidence decreases, therefore they were probably already in a very anxious mentality, so the level of danger may be low, but to them it was higher than it may actually be. Negative feelings feed negative thoughts. Additionally, I agree that it is necessary to grow by fighting one-on-one, but the longer they were there, the bigger their worries became.
    Third paragraph: It is all speculation, but ‘actions speak louder then words’ is a cliche for a reason. Employers make impressions about you before you even start talking. So, Ranta being how he is without explaining himself, sets up misunderstandings, and he should also speak his mind about the scapegoat part, it could make the others reflect. Communication is two way. Also, the last fight they had was unexpected for both sides. The kobolds were described as probably coming back from work, while the team was just sneaking around and taken aback when they noticed there were four (though perhaps not Ranta). Haruhiro began the fight with a negative outlook when he said ‘That’s too many!’, which can affect performance. So taking that into consideration and lack of experience and confidence, leads to thinking about surviving, which does not always equate to strategies.

    Conclusion: You make valid points, but it should be taken into context. Your turn.


  10. Lol~ this entire volume has made me really nostalgic~
    Like last volume I argued ranta’s merits and reasoning for weeks and weeks over chapters and chapters, outlining everything he did for the sake of the parties’ mood, justifications for not becoming a warrior, and their unwarranted hostilities against him.

    You guys are really energetic~
    ( ^-^)_旦
    I’m glad at least some people are in his corner~ though those that aren’t, that’s fine too~
    I learned last volume that no amount of talking is going to make either side budge an inch.
    Better to just let the novel happen I suppose~


  11. I’m liking Ranta more and more. While he does have his faults i don’t think they’re any worse than any one else’s. The only reason people seem to dislike him is because his faults are more visible than the other’s. He’s loud, obnoxious, but not afraid to express his feelings. He’s headstrong, and willing to put himself in danger, but also patient enough not to get himself killed by his own rash behavior(as seen in his one on one fight against the kobald). He has his strengths and weaknesses, and I do not think it would be him that puts them in severe danger. If anyone it would be Haruhiro. His wishy washy attitude and inability to take responsibility will without a doubt put them in serious danger this volume. I just hope that whatever trouble they get themselves into will help them grow as characters and let them learn how to communicate with each other. The lack of communication in this party is really disturbing to me.


  12. hum, interesting, Ranta is right: its easy to forget (one thing is to notice, other is to keep it in mind (to remember)) about your own faults when close by there is someone full of faults, also aside from being incredibly annoying Ranta didn’t do anything wrong (he became a dread knight instead of a warrior because it was more his style of fighting) and also differently from the others he don’t take everything to the personal side and don’t let what the others think or say about him interfere in his job, I REALLY didn’t expect Ranta to be this wise……basically ranta problems are just his irritating personality and his bad communication skills


    • Personally, I don’t think the others dislike Ranta as much as Haruhiro seems to think, and if he keeps going on the way he is, and does something drastic, he’s going to turn everybody against him like what happened after Manato died. Sure Ranta is an idiot, and he’s annoying, but without him, the team wouldn’t keep moving forward the way they have been.


  13. Yup I agree with Ranta here. All they do is blame Ranta. Ranta is this. Ranta is that. Ranta is annoying. Yet they don’t look at their own fault. For example Haruhiro. He can’t even kill monster by himself , always need to be save. If not for his leadership skill(if have) he’s pretty much useless. All I want to say is ” Please Haruhiro change and get stronger. Your pathethic, not fit for Mc”


    • [—We’re not in the wrong here. Ranta’s the one who’s completely, totally, utterly wrong.]
      this thought of Haruhiro’s says it all. Ranta’s right about him being the scapegoat (though he has his own faults), which is why the rest of the party haven’t acknowledged their own faults.


      • Truth be told, everyone on the team has faults. There’s just no communication between the team members. I don’t care if the other person has good intentions, if you don’t show proper communication between each other; then those kind intentions are extremely pointless. There has been way too many examples (in manga, LN, games, TV, and real life) where terrible communication makes a situation more worse than it needs to be (and it doesn’t help that “technically” the team are complete “strangers” to each other, so expecting each member to suddenly know what the others are thinking it almost impossible).


  14. Honestly, it doesn’t matter who’s wrong because this is mainly plot device to develop and strengthen the team. And because I could predict and have actually read spoilers, I can see why this ‘conflict’ is necessary.

    Also, if someone wants, I can make a possible giant spoiler for those who haven’t seen anything ahead.


    • Myself and the project translator do not want to be spoiled, since we are reading it as we work on it, and spoilers will ruin it for us. If you want to post spoilers, please do not do so here.


  15. Me encabrona hará no ha aprendido ninguna técnica desde el volumen anterior, ya ni siquiera tiene propósito nomas mata por matar y todavía se el hombre recto y para acabarla de amolar se queja mas.


  16. I think Ranta is just saying things he doesnt mean because he thinks “he will get kick out” so might as well get kick out with his pride. I think Ranta is afraid of being alone lol, thats why he killed the kobloid to prove his usefulness so he won’t get kick out that easily


  17. Ok, I quit. This novel is about kids fighting about everything. Ranta is just asshole and should be kicked out of team and Haru is indecisive and awkward mc that won’t do it. Really… I read this far in hopes that it would get better but my head is going to explode if I read anymore.


  18. i know ranta is an annoying guys but i dont think all ranta idea put the team on risk such as when ranta suggested them to kill the kobold while they’re asleep.without ranta they’re not going to move on. they need to change the pace to become stronger. haruhiro such a baby and all he did was blaming ranta.


  19. Thanks for the translation!

    To tell the truth I don’t hate Ranta, but I do find him irritating. He is not wrong in saying that he is the scapegoat of the team (at least for Haruhiro).

    However the one who pisses me off the most is Haruhiro. He sucks as a leader and even as a team member under manato’s command he has always been wallowing in self pity never actually taking initiative to try and change. At least ranta has the guts to try.

    Instead of feeling sorry for himself he seriously needs to grow a pair and assume the rule of a leader …or not, but move forward you whiney little b*tch.

    Furthermore I believe that a leader is the one who needs to understand his shortcomings the most and strive to fix them, for himself as well as for the team and to be able to set an exemple for them. Only than he is justified enough to lecture someone else.

    Hopefully the talk wirh Ranta was a wake up call to Haruhiro.I realy do want to see him grow to become more dependable and a better fighter and strategist. However right now it realy hard to like him as the MC.

    Sorry for any grammer mistakes


  20. The real issue is not Ranta’s value as a team member (or his lack thereof). The issue is Haru’s ability as a leader. First, he responds to Ranta’s provocations instead of redirecting Ranta’s attention to the work at hand. He lets his irritation get the better of him and emotions cloud his judgement. Then, to keep his emotions in check, he shuts up and lets Ranta continue his shenanigans. Even when he tries to have a serious talk with Ranta, he lets Ranta control the conversation. It should have gone something like this: Ranta, you’re a good fighter and you’ve got some good ideas, but I’m seriously pissed off about the way you behaved in the mines today. You’ve got to stop acting like an asshole. You have to start listening to other people, or they’ll never listen to you.


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