Chapter 11 – Leave this to Me

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LEVEL 2: Everything is Precious, Nothing is Replaceable

Chapter 11: Leave this to Me

Aren’t I awesome?

Fuck yes. I’m such a badass. I’m the man, bigger than Jesus. Wait, who’s Jesus? Um, the Black God? Skulheill? Whatever, doesn’t matter. I’m still the shit.

‘Cause I’m not dead yet.

Ranta huffed a heavy sigh. Even for the genius of Lord Ranta, however, this might have been a bit too much to chew. Maybe he was even… finished? Everything… kind of looked that way. Sort of. Like it was THE END. Maybe.

It’s not as if the thought failed to cross his mind.

He started to shit himself. Except not really. Okay, maybe he did. Just a little.

But the most important thing was that he was still alive. It was a miracle. Ranta was able to do what no one else could. Nothing’s wrong with boasting about it. He felt like complimenting the hell out of himself. Every intelligent being in the world should be complimenting the crap out of Lord Ranta.

“…Ain’t that right, Zodiak?” Ranta asked, turning to the purple-blackish demon floating by his face.

Demons were servants of the Black God Skulheill, summoned by using the Dread Knight magic spell [DARK INVITATION]. A demon’s appearance changed depending on the number of Vices a Dread Knight has amassed, and Ranta’s demon resembled a headless human torso, with two pits in the chest area for eyes, below which was a great slit of a mouth.

{Nope, nope, nope nope nope, not at all, nope nope…} the demon hissed.

Zodiak’s mouth rippled when he talked and his voice sounded like numerous children whispering as one. Until Ranta had gotten used to it, it had been quite disturbing—and even now that some time had passed, it was still enough to give him goosebumps.

“Fine. It’s still better having you here than being alone…”

{Wimp, wimp, wimp… wimp imp… wimp wimp wimp… imp imp… imp imp imp imp imp…}

“Oy. You changed it to ‘imp’ at the end.”

{Imp, imp, imp… Eeeehehehehehe… imp… hehehe… imp imp imp…}

“Quit it already.” Ranta raised a hand to give the demon a good smack, but as soon as he did, Zodiak floated up and out of reach.

{Eeeehehehe… ehehehe… ehehehe… imp imp imp… eeeehehehe…}

“God damn it, why? Zodiak…” Ranta hugged his knees to his chest and pretended to cry. But Zodiak failed to respond to the bait, so Ranta gave up and said instead, “Whatever. I can’t believe I made it back to the fourth stratum…”

Yes, Ranta was no longer on the smithy-like fifth stratum; he had made it back to the fourth stratum, the agricultural sector. How the hell he managed to make it out of that god-awful mess… even he had no idea. He had let Mogzo go up the ladder first and then it was run, run, run for his life until he came across a different sink well by chance.

He recalled kicking down a number of kobolds as he climbed up the rope ladder, but some fifth stratum kobolds managed to follow him up regardless. Luckily, on the fourth stratum, a gate to one of the animal pens had been left open. When Ranta dove into it, the pigrats inside panicked and made a mad rush for the exit, confusing his pursuers.

It wasn’t a perfect plan, but Ranta thought it was better than nothing. After that, he weaved his way in and out of pigrat and pigworm pens and threw the pursuing kobolds off his trail little by little, until the last one was out of sight. And now here he was. In a pigworm pen, surrounded by pigworms.

Just Ranta, Zodiak, and a mass of the creatures.

“Wait… what if…”

He poked one of the pigworms. No response. So then he patted it with the palm of his hand. Still nothing.

“Nice. Awesome.”

If that was the case, then… he tried giving its thick skin a sharp pinch. The pigworm glared at Ranta with black, droopy eyes that were half buried in its body and made a noise like gufuu gufuu at him.

“D-don’t be mad…”

Gufuu! Gufuu!

“Whoa—wait, quit it already! Don’t… rub yourself against my face! Eww…”

Bufuu… bufufu… gufuu!

“No, don’t—lick… gross… And what the hell is up with your tongue? Feels like fricking sandpaper…”

Fuu… gufuu… fuufuu… fuu… fuu…

The pigworm started to nestle up to him. Ranta tried to shove it away, but couldn’t. It was very strong. He couldn’t get himself away. Suddenly, the pigworm wrapped itself around him, and when Ranta twisted and turned to throw it off, it clung on even tighter. But when he tried staying still, the pigworm calmed down with him.

“Seriously…? This thing’s getting itself comfortable on me… what the hell…”

{Imp imp imp… keehehehe… imp imp imp… keehehehe… imp!}

“Quit making fun of me, Zodiak!”

{Die! Die now, die now! Be taken by Lord Skulheill! Taken taken taken!}

“Don’t say scary things like that…”

{Wimp… wimp wimp wimp… eeehehehehe… imp imp imp imp imp!}

“Still imp at the end there, huh…”

He wasn’t alone. He had Zodiak with him and the pigworm that had taking a liking to him… But he was very alone. Alone and with no help coming.

“This thing stinks… gross…”

It was no use trying to deny it so he might as well say it: The pigworm smelled like layered shit and piss. Being inside the pigworm pen was worse than beyond disgusting, but if he left, he risked getting caught by one of the elders on patrol. If it was a one-on-one fight against an elder, Ranta was pretty sure he could do it. He could win. He was powerful enough.

But he was fatigued, too. He didn’t want to waste his strength. If he went all out, he could easily take down one, maybe two elders, but he felt like taking a break now. Even a fearless, dauntless Dread Knight needed a break once in a while.

The plan would be to rest, recover his strength, and then get moving.

“Gotta get outta here on my own…”

Mogzo. Yume. Shihoru. Mary… Haruhiro. Everyone’s faces suddenly appeared in his mind’s eye. No… they weren’t coming. Or rather, he couldn’t bring himself to believe that they’d come back for him.

Ranta gave a short, humorless laugh. “…Because I already know. You guys hate me. I’ve known all along.”

But why? Why does everyone hate me? No one could recall their pasts, so he didn’t understand the reason at all. Maybe it was because he just couldn’t kiss ass and pretend to like it. It made him sick to even think about being nice to people or to be considerate of them. And to say something that he didn’t think was true… he wouldn’t do it even if someone threatened to pull his teeth out.

And even if he did think something was true, there were still loads of times he left his thoughts unsaid. He supposed his behavior would piss some people off. He was never unaware of that; now and then, the thought crossed his mind. There’s no way it wouldn’t have.

But even though he knew, he couldn’t stop himself. And why did he have to try to stop? He was just being himself, after all. Going as far as being some Mr. Nice Guy, just to trick people into liking him, was out of the question. He didn’t want people to like him because of a fake persona.

And he was fine with not being liked. If people wanted to hate him, then fine. Haters were going to hate. Those who understood him would accept him, or so Ranta thought. And there had to be a few people out there who understood his… his what? His value? Something like that.

People who would accept him, and give credit where credit was due, they had to be out there too. So it was fine. Those who didn’t understand him can just go on not understanding. But even so, weren’t they all companions? Ranta was part of the team too.

In his own way, he had been contributing to the team this entire time, and he intended to continue. He believed that, sooner or later, the others would understand that. They would come to understand Lord Ranta’s value. And once they acknowledged his importance, their attitudes towards him would change.

Ranta realized that they hadn’t gotten to that point yet. Not enough time had passed. Then he went and did that… the “you guys go on ahead, leave this to me” thing.

“But that’s…”

Yes. Anyone would have done it, if the chance came. It was the natural course of action, for a man. There was no choice but to do it. A man who didn’t do it couldn’t be considered a man. Even if they were a girl, they might have done it. If Ranta were a girl, he knew he would probably still do it.

He just wished that… the chance had come a little later. After his companions realized just how awesome he was. It would have been so badass, if the chance to do THAT came only after they had fully and unquestionably realized how indispensable he was to the team. Haruhiro, that eeediot, would have been crying his eyes out. Mogzo would have bawled. And the girls, every one of them would have fallen in love with him.

There’s no way we can leave our precious Lord Ranta behind! they would say. Everyone, we have to save him! they would say. That’s how things would have been for sure.

But it was too soon. The time had come too soon.

“Which means that I’m way ahead of the times…?”

Or am I wrong? Ranta thought to himself, heaving a deep sigh. But no, he couldn’t count on everyone coming. No one would be coming to save him. He had to find a way out of here on his own.

{Die! Keehehehehe! Die imp! Die die die! Keehehehehe… imp imp imp!}

The demon’s bad attitude cut Ranta right to the heart. His Dread Knight guild master had once said, “A demon is a mirror of its summoner. It resembles the Dread Knight that calls it.”

You’ve got to be fucking joking, was what Ranta wanted to scream, but his master, Cidney Agguro, was goddamn terrifying. His master wasn’t here now, but Ranta was sure that if he ever doubted his master’s words, he would still be killed on the spot. That was how scary the man was.

“Which I guess means that I still have enough left in me to be raging at him now,” Ranta muttered as a smile graced his face.

I can do this, I’ll be fine, Ranta told himself. You’ll see, Haruhiro. I’ll make it out of here on my own. Then after you’re done being surprised, you can fall to your knees before me…

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40 thoughts on “Chapter 11 – Leave this to Me

  1. Damn. I know there are lots of guys who hate Ranta, but even the biggest hater has to admit it, Ranta ability to live exceeds even that of a cockroach. And he’s optimistic as hell.


    • that’s not it , this novel is close to reality , it’s not a shonen manga ,

      what doesn’t kill you make you stronger ?

      then you have to make it so that it doesn’t kill you in the first place and that’s not an easy job

      +the author made some hint here and there about haru being able to get realy stronger , but it will take time because like i said before this is not a shonen manga were the character power up when in a deadly situation


    • Oh, it’s a thing I’ve neglected lately…basically, there’s (non official) bonus material in the secrets, and stuff about the mysterious TOM, and you’re supposed to be able to find the passwords by reading Grimgal or solving other secrets. You can solve the existing ones but I haven’t made any new ones in awhile.


  2. I’m honestly suprized Ranta has survived this long! I thought he would be the one that died just to prove how serious the situation was, but now I’m rooting for him, maybe, just a little.


  3. why you guys hating? I like this guy’s attitude, even though he’s got an inflated head the size of Finland
    I like his honest attitude…to others
    but I feel like he’s mostly lying to himself, because I doubt a normal person would be this nuts
    I feel like his memories are locking away much of his and everyone else’s true selves because memories teach a person and change people completely
    I wanna see their memories and see how much they have changed, it’d be interesting

    Fingers-crossed: Please let Haruhiro be badass, Please let Haruhiro be Badass, Please let Haruhiro be Badass, Please let Haruhiro be Badass, Please let Haruhiro be Badass, Please let Haruhiro be Badass, Please let Haruhiro be Badass, Please let Haruhiro be Badass….


    • I quite like where you’re coming from, reminds me of the maze runner trilogy, where tom gets parts of his memories back and Start’s to solve most of their problems/mysteries, l keep hoping the same happens to haruhino and he becomes badass or at least a true leader
      BTW the maze runner trilogy led me to this novel, good read, you guys should try it


      • OK my bad, didn’t explain properly. I was skimming through BT hoping I’ll get something to read that isn’t just “bad” for the eyes when I came across grimgal. the summary seemed maze runner-ish so here I am
        I might as well add that I hardly read books from BT, most of them have the same repetitive tropes, quite painful to read


  4. ranta’s ego is quite um……outstandingly titanic(emphasis on exaggeration), that aside, he actually summoned zodiac(“A demon is a mirror of its summoner. It resembles the Dread Knight that calls it.)lol, and he sorta dislikes his demon and wonders why he’s the black sheep. one thing I do like about him is is utmost confidence in himself something haruhino should have a lot of


  5. I really like Ranta, he’s an asshole but kinda knows he’s one and I like when he ponders about it, and I like how he’s honest, even if he’s a bit extreme with it.

    It’s like when a hardcore tsundere realizes her feelings but keeps on tsundering but realizes things have changed a bit and can still be serious when needed.


  6. So Ranta just wanted to be recognized by the team…so i guess he’s the youngest in the team,cause it’s life and death you mistake can cause someones death,thats why teamwork is essential and i think the feeling of manato’s death still lingers on them.let’s also not forget what happened to mary’s former party….and it goes both ways,ranta not being understood by the team and him not understanding the circumstances of others,just what do he thinks Haruhiro’s “Let go” skill is for…..and lastly i think ranta’s attitude has something to do with his past (not being understood by his parents and friends)

    no hate on those people liking ranta.well we all have different likes and dislikes after all😀


  7. To be fair I kinda hate both haruhiro and ranta , haru is extremely weak and affraid off everything and rant a is fearless and the biggest idiot with the biggest ego ever + he’s annoying as fuck

    I can only stand haruhiro because I hope from the bottom of my heart he will grow a dick and start acting like a man

    And don’t come and give me “well he comes from earth or he have no memories or blah blah” lame excuses
    He’s a pure wuss that’s all nothing you say or write will change that

    And even if he learns to control that “power/light” to a certain amount, he will still be weak he can’t fight and he’s mind almost breaks everytime somthing unexpected happends, he should take fighting classes and man up


      • I cannot comprehend how people cannot see how baddass Haru is. You just look his inner thougths, being a good leader doesnt require swinging swords. He also save all of them except Ranta because he didnt follow him. War cry made enemies stunned Ranta could use that. Haru also aware environment, judges and cames with plans quickly, just lacks the build side because he is not a warior type. (Btw he also saved Renji’s life and the old lady😛 )


  8. Yes of course he do some good things not saying that, but it happens about 1 of 50 times he get the chance to shine
    The other 49 times he’s a pure wuss , he’s an rogue class he’s class is on 3 top of damage dealers in all stories and games and in this stories aswell of what small hints and leads I’ve been fishing up and yet we have haru the wuss instead of a proper one , can’t say I want him to be overpowered after 3 chapters but comon please work litle , and don’t say that he is improving with the light power chisel whatever as his master said everyone can get it nothing special he just have better chance then others and that’s just luck no skills at all, he have not improved at all i the fighting and sorry even if ppl say but he is improving his leadership well sorry to drop it to ya all , I do sent mather if he improves that if he’s dead becouse he can’t fight properly no ?


    • I think Haru has a lot more room to grow into an interesting character than Ranta does. Besides, there’s far more than enough asshole narcissist main characters in light novels and anime already. Just look at Seiya from Amaburi.

      Also, keep in mind, from Ranta’s point of view, we’d only be seeing a little bit of each fight as well. The reason we get such a good picture of what’s going on is because Haru is trying to be a leader and distancing himself during battle so that he can take in all aspects of the fight. The only other character that probably has as wide of an understanding of each battle situation is maybe Mary. From anybody else’s point of view, it would be a lot less exciting.


  9. Oh look at all these whiners hating on Haruhiro simply because he’s being afraid everytime he’s on life/death situation. This is what crappy WNs/LNs with stupidly overpowered MCs had done to these poor souls.


    • can only speak for myself, but I don’t like Haru as he is now because he is an indecisive wuss. also it’s been enough time for him to grow a pair, he has been in situation like this before. he even hides behind Yume and Mary.
      Every time Haru gets the chance to prove himself he messes up.Seriously gets frustrating waiting for him to become a proper MC.

      Haru, enough wallowing in self pity already! GROW SOME BALLS!
      He really deserved to hear Ranta shouting at him that he is as “weak as balls”.

      Ranta is a big narcissistic brat, but at least he acts. and unlike what he thinks not many people would have stayed behind like he did in order to give the party time to escape, Haru certainly wouldn’t.


  10. Oh come on, he doesn’t even need to “pretend to be Mr. Nice guy”. He just need to shut the hell up and stop pissing everyone else every time.
    The guy knows his fault but doesn’t do anything to improve it, just want to be accepted unconditionally by others


  11. don’t know why but i grow to love ranta on this long journey. He is an ass, true. His ego is as big as the moon and his brattiness know no bounds,true.. But he is adorable altogether:)
    i wish haruhiro will notice soon, that ranta is actually just different, as different as everyone else to communicate and to live.

    He is optimistic and an indispensable character that i wouldn’t want to be gone. Haru and ranta’d actually become a good match if they can work all this out


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