Chapter 17 – Lies and Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

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LEVEL 2: Everything is Precious, Nothing is Replaceable

Chapter 17: Lies and Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

“Heeeeey! Harucchi! I heard all about it! You killed Deathpatch! You’re AMAZING!!! I’m soooooo JEALOUS! I’m superrrrrrrrr ENVIOUS!!”

They were having drinks at Sherry’s when Kikkawa approached their table, loud and boisterous as usual. It was all Ranta’s fault for opening his big mouth. The news spread fast, and now everyone knew that Haruhiro and his team were the ones who killed Deathpatch.

That was fine with Haruhiro though. He knew killing Deathpatch was one hundred percent luck, but dead was dead, and this felt much better than being mocked as “The Goblin Slayers” all the time.

“Yume’s so glad.” Yume fell flat onto the table with a sigh. “Yume sure thought we were done for a dozen times…”

“Y-yeah… me too,” Mogzo agreed, looking sleepy. “It was a really close call.”

Shihoru glanced reproachfully at Haruhiro. “And someone almost got himself killed…”

“Uh… that was… you see…” Haruhiro rubbed the back of his neck and gave a short cough. “Yes. I regret my decision. I’m sorry.”

“Oh…” Shihoru’s gaze dropped to the floor, her expression bashful. “I-I was just kidding. I’m not saying it’s your fault or anything. Really…”

“Mmm…” Yume said looking thoughtful. “If Haru didn’t stay behind to keep Deathbatch distracted, we all might have been wiped up.”

“Yume, the expression is ‘wiped out’,” Haruhiro, ever the straight man, corrected.

“Ho… that so?” Yume asked.

“And it’s Deathpatch, not Deathbatch…”

“It all sounds the same to me,” Yume frowned.

“B-but!” Mogzo indicated the meat-cleaver sword he had his arm wrapped around. “Everything turned out fine in the end. All’s well that ends well, as they say…”

“You’re right, Mogzo,” Yume agreed. “And you got yerself a new sword!”

Shihoru nodded. “Your old bastard sword was getting really worn out too.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” Mogzo said, beaming with delight. “What do you guys think I should name it? I’ve been trying to think of something, but nothing’s come to mind…”

Yume’s suggestion was “Meat-Cleaver Sword #1” which Shihoru timidly, but immediately, shot down. Surely Mogzo wanted to name it something awe-inspiring and cool. What was his definition of “cool” though? Something like, “Eternal Blaze of the Executioner” was what Haruhiro came up with, but he declined to propose it out loud. It sounded horrible even to his own ears. So… a name… name…

Ranta was with Kikkawa, retelling the “Legend of the Heroic Deathpatch Slaying Warriors” to the other Crimson Moon members gathered. The way Kikkawa was telling it, it was almost like he’d been there too, and Haruhiro wasn’t sure if that was amusing or annoying.

Mary had said earlier that she wanted to talk with Hayashi, so she was up on the second floor with him. Haruhiro hoped that after this, she would be able to find some peace within herself.

He took another swig of beer and frowned at the bitter taste. He was really glad that no one died back there. But despite how relieved he was that everyone got out alive, he couldn’t be entirely happy about it, deep down in his heart. Did he really perform flawlessly? Could there have been a better way, could he have made a better choice?

At the time, he’d believed, he had chosen the best option. If they were put in the same situation again, Haruhiro thought that he would make the same decision. But was that really the best thing to do? Maybe there was something he could have done before they were driven into a corner with no way out. Something like preventing the team from getting into that kind of situation in the first place?

The self-criticism that filled his mind overshadowed any happiness he was feeling from everyone surviving. But that wasn’t the case for anyone else. Why? Why was he the only one who couldn’t be happy?

Because he was the leader.

The others were different. That was why. There was a gap between him and the rest of his companions. Was this a gap that couldn’t be filled? Not now, not ever?

Suddenly Haruhiro felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Are you okay?” Mary asked.

She was so close, it almost made him jump.

“Ah…” He stalled for a moment before finally asking, “You’re done talking with Hayashi?”

“Yes. Just now,” she replied. “Is something wrong?”

“U-uhh… why do you ask?” Haruhiro said.

“You seemed a little out of it,” Mary explained.

“Really? Er, n-no, I’m fine. It’s nothing, really,” Haruhiro assured.

Mary smiled slightly. “You’re a terrible liar, Haru.”

“I guess…” Haruhiro said, sliding his chair over to make room for her.

Yume, Shihoru, and Mogzo were still hotly debating names for the sword. Truthfully, Haruhiro would very much have liked to confide in Mary about his doubts. And just a few days ago, he probably would have. But not now. Not anymore. He was more self-aware now than before.

He was the leader. Even if he lacked ability and was ill-suited for the role, he was still the leader. If he didn’t keep a good enough grip on himself, all of his teammates might die.

“Really, I’m fine,” Haruhiro said, this time with a smile. “It’s a lie, but it’s also the truth.”

Mary patted him softly on the shoulder once more. She withdrew her touch almost immediately, but for Haruhiro it was reward enough. A poor, simple reward it may have been, but he didn’t criticize himself for feeling that way. It was fine to enjoy the things that were meant to be enjoyed, because no one knew when these happy times would come to an end. It might be soon, for all anyone knew.

“Oy! Haruhiro!”

Ranta and Kikkawa, arms linked, skipped over to him. “The rest of you guys too! Get over here! Kemuri from the Daybreakers is here tonight and he just so happens to want to buy the slayers of Deathpatch a drink!”

“You’ll never get a SUPE-CHANCE like this again, Harucchi!” Kikkawa declared. “SUPE-DUPE CHANCE!”

“What’s a ‘supe-dupe’?” Haruhiro sighed, shrugging his shoulders. Then he blinked several times as the information sunk in. “Wait, you mean Souma’s Daybreakers?”

“Whoa…” Yume’s eyes went wide.

“That’s incredible…” Shihoru said, trying to make herself appear as small as possible.

Mogzo stood up and sat down several times, unable to decide which was appropriate. “W-w-what should we do…”

“It’s a rare opportunity,” Mary said, cool and collected as ever. “We should take him up on it.”

Haruhiro nodded right away, surprising even himself a little. Were he the same Haruhiro as he had been yesterday, he would have hesitated. Today, he was no longer that person. It made him wonder what changes tomorrow had in store for him.

Not dying today meant that he would get to see the person he became tomorrow. And who knows, that might just be a wonderful thing indeed.

“Let’s go, everyone.”


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48 thoughts on “Chapter 17 – Lies and Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

  1. Thank you very much for the translatiin, as always, but that last picture is giving me the chills… now I want to read the 3rd volume right now xd
    Btw, first?


  2. as always,thx for the translations🙂 haru is getting even more mature now,im glad. But when will Haru x Mary ship sail ? It feels like I have waited for decades and the ship are still docking


  3. Oh my, it’s great how Haruhito’s growing as a leader. I hope the gang’s gonna get some sort of power-up soon. It’d be rad if they could move on to more profitable areas.


  4. Was shorter than expected, overall it feels like the author was running out of space towards the end here but this still wrapped it pretty nicely.
    Dialogue kinda awkward in this chapter, maybe it’s because they were stuck in that cave for so long that I kinda forget they are all a bit awkward.😛

    Thanks so much for doing this.


  5. I really like the fact that even though they talked all about the slaying of Deathpatch, Ranta didn’t say a word about the fact that he had lived through what could only be one of the scariest predicaments in their world. I also kinda wanted to see some of the pigworms follow Ranta and be like his own personal “pets” and Yuma get mad about it, i think that would be pretty cute. But back to the main point, I feel like it’s going a bit too haremish at this point, Mary offering her condolences, Shihoru getting embarrassed around him, it kinda annoys me, but to be fair, he did kill Deathpatch.
    I also really wish Mogzo gets a bit more of a showing as well as my fave character Ranta. I really love the story but can’t helped but get irked a some points in the story…
    Ah, well what you going to do? Thank you Translators, made my Sunday.


  6. I love the story like usual, and thank you for the translations.
    First, looove how in the whole chapter no one makes a mention of Ranta’s Labyrinth Adventure Issue #1, not even the main star himself, not to the crowds for the Goblin Slayers, not to Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky, no one.
    Second, We need more time spent on Mogzo, he has been in the backdrop forever and i like how he seems, simple and dependable.
    Third, I don;t like how haremish it’s becoming, I get it MC dubes is getting better, and he did defeat Deathpatch, however, the whole scene kinda of lacks the whole atmosphere that so far seemed the norm for the story so far, and that itself irks me, then again, this seems like more of a transfer between “Level” or the books, not a actual chapter.
    Fourth and finally, I’ve never found it easy to like the MC in this, especially when he messes with my fave character Ranta, however, when he talks about wishing that he did better, that made me like him a bit more. I’ll explain, a leader to me, should be someone that wants to consistently be better than what he/she has been given, and should strive to overcome the obstacles in the best possible way.
    P.S. Mary should end up with Mogzo.


      • Yeah, I don’t ship anyone right now, half of them aren’t even that well developed yet and there’s not much chemistry in their interactions, it’s all a bit awkward, which is fine too, maybe when they get fleshed out more and we see more meaningful interactions things will change.


    • I don’t see how this becomes more harem-ish. Do you think a girl only being embarassed when she is crushing ? Also Mary consoles on Haru is like what a concerned teammate would console their troubled fellow mates.

      Even if this becomes a harem, as long as author could perfectly execute the development and characterization well, i don’t see why anyone would hate on it unless they’re catching some sort of allergy when they heard the word “harem”.

      About Haru’s leadership, the whole point in this novel is to show how someone that doesn’t have good capability as a fine leader strived to grow as one.


      • I don’t think that is the only time a girl can be embarrassed, however, the only time we ever see her mentioned or embarrassed she gets a “oh, she’s attracted to so-and-so as with first healer dude. I realize now it hasn’t become more harem-ish or anything like that, but the MC does seem to be trying in the small recesses of his mind to garner one. I like always could be wrong.
        About the whole teamwork thing, you’re(your?) right, it is about a character named Haru becoming a leader even though he has none of the skills, he strives to be better, and if you see my second post(the structure of the posts confused me and because it didn’t post immediately for me i type another one, too impatient i guess) you’ll see that those kinds of leaders are my favorites, so Haru would be in that category, i just have a somewhat difficult time liking him. it’s probably because he sees Ranta as suuuuper annoying and i don’t, but that’s personal preference so yeah.


  7. i know people will disagree, but i would like the next volume or at least the one after it to focus on the groups skill improvement and living situation more than anything else. Although this was a great chapter for the Mc, Mary, and Ranta the group as a whole is still stuck at the bottom in terms of skills, equipment, and money. So it would just make sense to me if the those thing were improved on before character development driven volume came out


  8. Overall i really love this volume. It develops Haru as a leader also the misunderstood boy (but still annoying af) Ranta.

    Looking forward for next volumes and i’m really grateful for all the translations !


  9. Thanks for the volume. Been waiting till the translator to finish before reading it and can’t say I’m disappointed. Amazing volume overall, loving every second reading it.


  10. The last few sentences are great for book-ending. Make readers just as hopeful for the next book as Haru. The next book would probably SoL though and Kobold mine remains as hunting ground, but stay in the backdrop for more character developments in the town become main focus. Deathpatch was just luck, without Haru’s fake Mystic Eye of Death Perception, they would truly got wipe out right there. If Haru keep his approach the same as Goblin’s site, they would farm that Mine to at least half of book 3.


    • plus i have seen the trailer ranta is the only character in grimgal or grimgar universe that has a good voice actor in my opinion the master of harohiro is not as good as in the novel… the art is not as dark in the novel.


  11. i love the novel teacher barbara should have more revealing clothes… the novel is dark and full of despair.. due to the anime not so good representation of a novel it degrades the value of the novel by so much.. unlike the one punch series it really puts the HEART into the anime..


  12. Merci beaucoup, for the translation!

    Though I was really hoping to have some tension or drama for what happened with Deathpatch, I mean Haruhiro literally made him self bait so the others could get away and assure their safety by even killing the Kobold.

    I wanted to see some drama or more affection for his action, yes he’s not the greatest leader of all, but call his actions stupid or heroic. It really does deserve more Merit from his teammates.

    Maybe I’ve read/watched lots of titles already and just wants to see that kind of affection in this one as well, though It would’ve a much better ending Level 2.

    Though this “Not dying today meant that he would get to see the person he became tomorrow. And who knows, that might just be a wonderful thing indeed” was just Perfect.

    Have a great day guys!


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