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  1. Omg noooooo

    Inhibitions: I thought I told you to stahp?
    Me: $##@#%%
    Inhibitions: woa language
    Robert: he what he said
    Inhibitions:Wait what r u-?
    Sherlock-Robert-Tony Stark: he was making an Ultron reference…aand i thought I could help?


    • No way our boy would begone if he was at the gates he’d just rant everybody’s ears off u til they sent him back with warning labels all over his face


  2. Erase what you see. Erase it! Ranta’s going to. Ranta’s going To-! Hey ranta if you’re going to…. Then no one will make us laugh anymore. So please😦


    • They just pulled a Desmond Miles
      Oh god no….
      after D.M died the A.Creed series started sucking bad


  3. Wow amazing illustrations, i dont think ranta dies tho? It doesnt seem like it but i guess we will find out once it gets more chapters, anyways Yume and the other girls look Moe!


  4. Yume is the best looking in my opinion… as far as Ranta goes, theres no way in hell they would spoil his death in the color illustrations lol


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