27 thoughts on “LEVEL 3

  1. holy holy crap thanks so much for translating at such a short time. since day 1, I’m always constantly waiting for new chapters to appear. I’ve been following Jyumonji Ao-sensei ever since I found Bara ni Maria so I was freaking out like crazy last year when I read that you guys were translating Grimgar. seriously, you guys are the best. THE ABSOLUTE BEST.

    PS, is anyone in the team also considering of picking up Jyumonji-sensei’s complete series, Bara no Maria? I can tell from my (in)sufficient Japanese that it’s a great read.

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  2. Really happy to have found this LN wish i could do stuff to help make releasing this LN cuz im in love with this atm and hope that it goes the direction i want it to. Let me know if i can help in any way thanks for the awsome series!

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  3. Been wondering since the anime is out within few days I was wondering what would you guys do if some company take interest in grimgal(owh it’s grimgar now🙂 ) Since Usually it’s what happen when it got anime adaptation and aparrently this is what happen in overlord cases. So let’s I just wanna know are you gonna finish vol 3 or do other project if that happen?

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  4. Can someone tell me how frequently they translate the chapters? Was thinking of putting it off for a few months until the rest is completed. Thanks ^^


  5. Please translate the whole novel ASAP. I am really desprate to read the whole series
    I am really into this kind of novel. This is a great one for me, because a good story is not filled with a static character that always can forced his/her way out all the time. I beg you, please make it quick before my thesis trapped me LOL


  6. hey there guys, justo passing by to tello how awesome you are, and also to thank you so much for this translation, you got a good pace, and hopefuly I’ll live long enough to see a full translation of this work.
    keep the good job, and and thank you again.

    greetings from Colombia.


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