Chapter 11 – Warriors of the Frontier

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LEVEL 3: Even the Best Laid Plans go Awry, but Such is This World

Chapter 11: Warriors of the Frontier

His name was Anthony Justin. He was a dignified and much honored Warrior attached to the Frontier Army’s First Brigade, Warrior Regiment. He wasn’t just some run-of-the-mill fighter though, he was skilled and masterful. Anthony led the Warrior Regiment assigned to assault the main gate of Capomorti Fortress as the regiment’s illustrious captain, staking his honorable name on doing his part in Operation Twin-Headed Snake. And he and his warriors had been steadily gaining ground since the assault began.

Naturally, the most appropriate position for a Warrior of his skill and stature was at the front lines. Thus, he had been leading his courageous men in the charge upon the outer wall at the head of the main army. Deep in his heart, however, there was something about this entire situation that he deeply resented: The person named Ren Waters.

Brigadier General Ren Waters was a cowardly old man who couldn’t hurt a fly. There was nothing Paladin-like about him. He was mainland-born and a spineless pansy. A real Paladin would stand at the head of the army, would be willing to risk his own life to protect his fellow soldiers. In fact, any frontier-born Paladin with any guts at all would do at least that much, but that filthy mockery of a Paladin, Waters, was different.

He had surrounded himself with a hundred other Paladins and several Priests in order to protect himself, positioned himself at the back of the main army, and then attempted to look as authoritative as possible. He was an idiot. A shameless, gutless retard, worse than garbage. He was a member of the well-known House Waters, but possessed none of the family’s qualities. He should just die. Die and rot in hell.

Even if General Graham Lasentora was unavailable because he was leading the attack on Steelbone Stronghold, Brigadier General Ian Latti should have been the one to lead the formidable, peerless soldiers of the regular army in the assault on Capomorti Fortress. Latti was born and bred on the frontier and had a reputation of being a warrior amongst Warriors. Waters should have been left behind in Altana, cowering behind the city’s fortifications like a newly hatched chick.

This entire time, Anthony’s men had been taking down the lookout posts and orc camps, braving torrents of arrows while charging the walls, and even now attempting to break down the main gate with battering rams, yet Waters was doing absolutely nothing to contribute. All he had done was cry the order, “Move out!” at the very beginning and that was it. Even a six-year old brat could have done it.

Altana’s Frontier Army was composed mostly of soldiers who were locals of the area. They were rugged and tough, proud of their native roots, and they treated the spineless, cowardly soldiers from the mainland with contempt. Soldiers from the mainland talked big and were always quick to boast, but they couldn’t handle a sword to save their lives. They were so pathetic, they deserved every bit of the scorn and bile thrown at them.

In reality, when it was announced that Ren Waters had been assigned overall command of the Capomorti front, morale amongst the men had plummeted. It was like adding insult to injury, having been assigned to Capomorti in the first place. Everyone knew Steelbone was the main objective and no one wanted to be left with the job of attacking Capomorti, where victory was assured. As soldiers, they would do their jobs and bring the fortress down, of course… but when they won, it would count as another feather in Ren Waters’ cap. And victory was the only expected outcome.

Damn that Ren Waters. Damn him to hell. This was the power of family influence; there was nothing else to explain it because Waters certainly didn’t obtain his position through merit! Waters didn’t have to do anything to move up the ladder, he was simply elevated. That was the way these things worked.

General Graham Lasentora, the unofficial symbol of the Frontier Army, was forty-six years old this year. He was still young, but there was a strong rumor that the mainland was also after his military services. He was offered the position of High General no less than three times, all of which he had refused. Everyone believed, however, that he would eventually transfer to the mainland. There were also rumors that Ren Waters was maneuvering to take Lasentora’s position here after he left.

Three Brigadier Generals served under Lasentora. Brigadier General Ian Latti, Shithead Ren Waters, and Brigadier General Jorrud Horn, who was constantly at Lasentora’s side. Logically, the most obvious successor to Lasentora would be Horn, but the reality was, Lasentora’s and Horn’s relationship was much too close. If Lasentora went to the mainland, then there was a good chance that Horn would want to follow.

In that case, the next person in line would be Ian Latti. In terms of skill and ability, there was no doubt that he was head and shoulders above Waters, but that shithead Waters might already be using his family’s power and influence to take the title of General for himself. It was definitely a possibility. On the other hand, shitheads were shitheads so he might want to return to the civilized mainland. Good. Hurry up and go. A shithead should go back to the world of shitheads where he belongs.

Anthony had never seen the mainland that lay on the other side of the Tenryuu Mountains. He imagined, though, that it was a land filled with dozens, even hundreds of human cities. Its rural areas, too, would have stretched as far as the eye could see, where livestock leisurely roamed the open ranges.

The wild tribes in the south remained unconquered and defiant of the authority of the Aravakia Kingdom, but they were not a major threat. On the infrequent occasions that conflict did break out, it was rare for the kingdom’s soldiers to actually die in battle. In fact, the wild tribes were too preoccupied fighting each other. The Aravakia Kingdom sometimes even stepped in to mediate the inter-tribe disputes. It was almost as if Aravakia was a compassionate father and the wild tribes were its quarrelsome sons.

Industry was well-developed, the people loved arts and entertainment, and they enjoyed the favor of the God of Light, Luminous. It was a society overflowing with happiness and prosperity. Altana and the mainland shared the same currency (the coins were minted in the mainland), but something that cost one gold on the frontier was as cheap as ten silvers on the mainland. The mainland was so highly developed that anything and everything was available at the markets. Even the poor could obtain meals and clothes quite easily by begging and even the most wretched beggars on the mainland lived better than soldiers on the frontier.

Shitheads. They were all goddamn shitheads.

Did any of the mainlander shitheads think about what made it possible for them to continue living their shithead lives? The blood of soldiers like Anthony, here on the frontier, that’s what. If Altana fell, then it would only be a matter of time before the earth-dragon tunnels running under the Tenryuu Mountains were discovered. Masses of invading orcs and undead would flood in. Even if there was never a full-scale invasion, the threat of one would always be there.

The mainland had built their riches and prosperity on the corpses of people like Anthony. It was like building a castle on a foundation of quicksand.

So no matter how great and wonderful the tales made the place out to be, no matter how much of a paradise it was, the mainland was still a stinking pile of fucking shit. To be completely honest, Anthony would rather invade the mainland and plunder their riches than fight the orcs and undead out here. He had the right, after all. He was the one protecting their wealth by doing his duty, and because he did his job, they were able to continue acquiring wealth. They owed their prosperity to Anthony and the other soldiers out here and it wasn’t an exaggeration when Anthony said that all of the mainland’s riches belonged to them.

But of course Anthony wouldn’t do any such thing. It wasn’t just the impracticality, it was his pride as a soldier. As much as he liked wine, women, and luxury food, he knew the domain of real men was the battlefield. Real men fought their fights here on the frontier.

“DIE REN WATERS!” Anthony shouted, making it his battle cry.

The men manning the battering ram responded as one, combining their might as they grinned and responded with shouts of, “Rot in hell Ren Waters!” or “Die shithead Waters!”

If Waters heard them from his position at the rear, it would mean trouble afterwards. But Anthony didn’t give a damn. They would do their jobs because it was their duty as soldiers. Their pride as warriors was on the line.

“Three, two, one, CHARGE!” Anthony yelled, waving his sword. “Three—”

Deafening roars of rage split the air. The god damn orcs! They were jumping off the walls directly into the fray. The southern wall was more than twenty feet high. That was NOT an insignificant distance from the ground. But the orcs were fearless; they leapt off the wall without hesitation, even crushing some of the soldiers unfortunate enough to be positioned where the orcs happened to land.

Those shithead mainlander soldiers constantly tended to underestimate orcs and other enemy races, but Anthony was true frontier bred and born. He had no such bad habits. He was wary of the daring and audacity of the orcs; they were unparalleled in both physical strength and toughness. The ten—no, closer to twenty—men at the front of the formation who weren’t expecting the attack from above were instantly cut down. Actually, not down, back; they were sent flying into their fellow soldiers in the deeper ranks.

It happened in an instant. The men manning the battering ram were dead even as they stood slack-jawed at the unexpected angle of attack. These were all veteran soldiers and they weren’t prone to carelessness, yet they had been cut down with ease. Anthony refused to give the orcs more opportunity to surprise them.

The front gate was still shut, so the orcs who had jumped down had no retreat. They had no option but to charge forward. They were a suicide squad and would die to the last orc. The orcs were, literally, deathly desperate. Come to think of it, Altana had launched this offensive because victory was guaranteed. They would succeed because failure was unthinkable. Everyone knew it for a fact. But the orcs never thought that they would die this way. Their will to fight was completely different and entirely inferior.

“Steady, men! Steady!” Anthony commanded.

He engaged a nearby orc, locking blades with it and looking for an opportunity to use [SPIRAL SLASH]. The orc, however, saw through him. It leaned in, not giving an inch, then sprang back and out of range.

“Surround them! We’ve got the numbers, surround them now!” yelled Anthony.

While some of his men obeyed at once, a large number of others hesitated, looking bewildered. They were paralyzed by indecision, unable to move even if they wanted to. Arrows descended from above again. The confusion in the ranks deepened and spread.

“We should retreat for now!” a soldier yelled.

“Don’t be a fool!” Anthony exclaimed angrily, fending off an orc’s slashing sword at the same time. “Our warrior’s prides are on the line! This is that shithead Ren Waters’ fault, but we’ve got no choice but to cover his sorry ass! Rise, Warriors of the Frontier! To me! To me! We’re going to break down that gate!”

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41 thoughts on “Chapter 11 – Warriors of the Frontier

      • Wow… you know nothing about him except what a stupid side character says about him. He’s sending people to their deaths because he’s the commander. It’s kinda his job. Also all the people he brought might just be an elite reserve force in case everything goes to shit.


    • He deserves it when a commander is put in charge for political or family reasons the men suffer. It’s part of a generals job to care for his men the fact they so violently hate him speaks volumes about how incompetent he is. Look at world war 1 and you’ll see what I mean millions of men died because the generals and command structure in general were political appointees and not men of war. The Austrian sent while army’s north into the mountains in the winter with cardboard shoes and summer uniforms what would you call that besides stupidity?


    • Well, I think those deserve that at least than none at all. These men actually knows he’s a fraud than those who gave Waters that position. Their gonna die sooner or later, at least let them express their bottled up hatred.


  1. Really good chapter but still too short , I think that Altana will face a great defeat or dather a close win
    It’s good for character developement too ,cause it just cant go that smoothly


    • actually, we’re given a small insight of the kingdom’s inner cities besides altana, so even if there wasn’t much, this will come back later on as part of the plot. probably. this chapter actually made me think of how the kingdom will respond IF the deathless king does come back. or any kind of op enemy.


  2. Thanks for the chapter. That’s a lot of resentment from the frontier irregardless of how much is warranted or not. Your commanding officer is old, you really expect him to be out on the front lines? Regardless of his skills or experience he’d probably be more of a burden than help unless enough magic can supplement his body’s physical deficiencies. Besides what will you do if he dies, there’s a reason a common tactic to try to turn the tides of battle is to go after the enemy commander. There’s no right way to be leader, you can lead in the front lines or direct from the back, it all really comes down to your skill. It seems the kingdom’s inner cities are using the frontier area including Altana as a buffer to prevent their main kingdom from suffering. They’re probably more of a resource drain if anything, unless the main kingdom values monster drops as a valuable source of raw materials. So until they recapture areas that are rich in resources they’re probably judged as a necessary sacrifice for the greater good of their kingdom. These are just the things that came up off the top of my head as I was reading. I can understand why they’d feel that way since they have to listen to outsiders since they’re separated by distance to the levers of power.


    • I agree leading from the front is a foolish idea, and should only be done as a last case resort if morale is very low. But I’m glad we’re getting info about the political structure of this world. The early volumes were so focused on the party we couldn’t see the bigger picture.


      • True. Kind of weird that we got caught up in all their character development that we didn’t mind less world building until it was shoved in our faces. This is probably how we’ll get a better picture of how things stand in their world, through outside perspectives when events allow, then straight back to the grind and character development to give it purpose.


  3. I’m surprised no one has mentioned the dragon tunnels Mr. Soldier clearly explained as a fatal weakness for the kingdom. I mean, the possibility of invading hordes, all in a snap?
    Esteem’d Mr. Author may be throwing a bone, but if the story goes in this direction, Haru might see EVERYTHING around him destroyed. This is a worst case scenario, and rather unlikely considering the many complex personalities and institutions we’ve seen so far (Brittany, Crimson Moon vs. Regular Army, Guilds, and the following behind Luminus, to name a few.)
    IF everything falls to hell, Haru might be forced to his memories before he was transported- which he might do anyway, only in a less drastic way.
    But if it does fall to hell, we could get an OP antihero, or at least a cynical hero. Very unlikely, but possible… you never know.


    • Omg a haru that after all the outcomes
      realizes the foolishness of the world and of past world, the ever repeating mistakes, the lasting and continuing losses. Yeah he might turn into hachiman (I mean batman)


  4. Well this entire chapter sounded jaded, obvious illogical rage is obvious. Also you can tell two first names man is fodder lol. I expected him to die after his intro was over looKS like the author kept him on for longer. And earth dragon tunnels? That doesn’t sound good


    • I would say the two first names is less of an indicator of death than the past tense the author used while describing him… His name WAS Anthony Justin. He WAS a dignified and much honored warrior. The two first names just helps cement his fate as a character used for one plot point that will be horribly mangled later. Maybe his death will be used as a major point of discontent, and push the soldiers over the edge against Waters. And the combined distrust of Waters with the death of Anthony will likely lead to a major morale loss, and prompt either the failure of the operation or at best a pyrrhic victory. When an army loses morale, they don’t fight at their best, teamwork and formations break down, the line of communication from their superiors falls into disarray, and pure anarchy may reign on the battlefield, and the orcs are wild beasts of combat. They thrive on anarchic battlefields. Somebody we care about may die this day due to politics and hate. Perhaps Mogzo, as he was just talking about making a ramen stand and I think confessing to Mary (might remember that wrong), and authors have a bad habit of abusing these death flags. He might as well have just come out and said “Just two weeks till retirement…” I doubt Mary, Yume, or Ranta will die. Haru definitely won’t. The other two are the more likely ones to perish, with a strong leaning towards Mogzo. The author might do another divine intervention by Line. Choco is a Thief, so she may even use it. Especially if she winds up as being Haru’s sister. Blood relation often leads to similar capabilities in anime and manga. I have an image in my head of Haru seeing Mogzo die, and then a Line long enough to kill a large group or even a small army of orcs pop up. Fueled by emotion and desperation perhaps, as is the common factor in such abilities in manga.


      • Naaw I didn’t actually mean his name was an indicator of death, it was just kind of amusing he had two first names but yeah you re right and his death will probably be the lynch pin to unleashing chaos on the battlefield. Deaths from people who give orders in a battlefield never did anything good


  5. I was going through some of the posts and comments earlier and found that there are many who aren’t in favour of Haruhiro as the MC. Well, I would like to say something on the issue here. Despite all his faults you should appreciate him as well as the author. His development as a character has been well depicted. Most of you think that he is weak and indecisive but you need to understand that the author deliberately depicted him that way. Would you have preferred a powerful MC with no flaws at all? People had a problem with a a powerful and invincible character like Shiba Tatsuya, now they have problem with him.
    Remember, he has been shown as a human not a God. He will have flaws, definitely and he may or may not be able to overcome them. He was always indecisive and hesitant. Acting like a tough and keen leader would be tough for him. He wasn’t prepared for it and therefore he can’t change overnight. It takes one months, even years to work on a bad habit. He is trying and trying well.

    The topic that Ranta is better than Haruhiro- TBH Ranta is Ranta and Haru is Haru. Ranta is an aggressive, brash and abusive person but he still possesses some good qualities. He just isn’t able to show his feelings. He cares for everyones well being but his attitude makes people mad at him or hate him. Like Haru he needs to work on this bad habit of his.

    And who likes who basically depends on the psychology of the person involved. One might find Haru much like himself and tend to grow attached to him. Similarly with others. If you are aggressive and brash or if you like to just get over with things you might prefer Ranta.

    The last episode of the anime was broadcasted yesterday and in my opinion it was lame. The ending was lame nd the fight was too short and boring. What I noticed is that the anime was shipping Haru and Mary. Judging by the reactions of both of them, it is fairly evident. Lets see what lies in the future translation.

    As for Choco she, in my opinion and just like many others suggested, is either a childhood friend(likely) or a sibling.


  6. Oh man, this was a really short chapter. We get to see another perspective of the world, politics and the battle itself, and that’s interesting background. I think that Anthony guy is going to die shortly. Hopefuly he’ll acomplish to mince some orcs before that happens.
    There should be some pretty though orc warriors or leaders like the one at the Altana raid, ready to challenge Haru team.
    I’m curious about the earth dragon tunnels, I hope they will be a part of the story at some point…

    Thanks for the effort to translate this LN!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Aww come on. Why’s everyone so negative. Death flag this death flag that. You gotta think positive. Though I’ll admit somebody is bound to die


  8. Thanks for translating. I just got myself spoiled a few minutes ago about the epilogue of Volume 3… (Feel sad and angry at the same time) I hope this translation doesn’t suddenly went on hiatus because I seriously wanna know what’s gonna happen prior to the epilogue Q.Q Keep on the good work😡


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