Grimgal of Ashes and Illusion

by Ao Jyumonji (illus. Eiri Shirai)

LEVEL 4: Chapters of the Chosen and Choosers



Color Illustrations

The Story So Far…


Chapter 0: —

Chapter 1: This Near Unbearable Weight of Reality

Chapter 2: Funya-Funyan

Chapter 3: Unlimited

Chapter 4: The Worst

Chapter 5: This Sorry Mess

Chapter 6: Unsteady, but…

Chapter 7: Past Glory Lost

Chapter 8:

Chapter 9:

Chapter 10:

Chapter 11:

Chapter 12:

Chapter 13:

Chapter 14:

Chapter 15:

Chapter 16:

Chapter 17:

Chapter 18:



Note: Volume 4’s title is “Michibiki Michibikareshi Monotachi” which literally means “those who guide, those who are guided”. However, the title is also a reference to Dragon Quest 4.

DQ4’s Japanese title is “Michibikareshi Monotachi” but when it got released in the west, the title was localized to “Chapters of the Chosen”.

For this volume of Grimgar, we’ve decided that it was more important to keep the DQ reference intact than translate the title literally. Luckily, “Chapters of the Chosen and Choosers” retains its significance to the plot in a similar way to the literal translation, making it work out better than anyone could have dared to hope!



2 thoughts on “LEVEL 4

  1. i’m just hoping so bad that yen press don’t buy the novels because this translation will be taken down and will have to wait A LOT for volume 4 or 5. so meanwhile, ganbatte kudasai


  2. So, will you guys stop translating this novel from now on? And how long do you guys think it will take the official translaters to translate volume 4. I’d appreciate and it has been an honour to read this translation. Thank you guys for everything


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