Chapter 2 – Funya-Funyan

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LEVEL 4: Chapters of the Chosen and Choosers

Chapter 2: Funya-Funyan

(Funya-Funyan is Japanese onomatopoeia for flabby, limp, lacking energy. We might change it at some point, but probably won’t. -hika)

Yume was funya-funyaing. What did that even mean anyhow? Yume had no idea either. All she knew was that she was funya-funya and didn’t know how to describe it any other way.

Because she was funya-funya, getting up and out of bed was way too much effort. So she remained sprawled on her reserve force lodge bunk. Once in a while she would flip over to one side or the other, but since she was funya-funya, even that required a tremendous amount of effort.

She also had to pee. She’d been holding it a long time now and she reckoned that it’d be best to get up and go do the necessary. Sooner or later she’d have to get up, no mistake about it, but because she was funya-funya she didn’t feel like it now.

“Yume?” Shihoru called her name.

As much as Yume wanted to reply, she was funya-funya so it was too much effort to get her vocal chords to respond.

At last, Yume managed with, “Hmm?”

“You’re not hungry?” Shihoru asked.


Yume thought about it. She supposed she wasn’t not hungry; if she were to eat something then she would have eaten it, so by all accounts she could eat. But she didn’t really feel like eating. Whatever, she felt fine enough without eating so that must’ve meant she didn’t have to eat.


“Yume, it’s not good to starve yourself…”




“Are you listening to me?”


This won’t do, the funya-funya Yume thought to herself. She should reply properly. No matter how much she reckoned she should’ve, though, she couldn’t. She wasn’t trying to give Shihoru a hard time, it was just total lack of energy and motivation to do anything. She wasn’t just physically funya-funya, but mentally too.

“You need to get a grip on yourself,” Shihoru suddenly exclaimed in a half-whisper.

Because she had said it so quickly and in such a hushed voice, Yume couldn’t tell if Shihoru meant for her to hear it. She knew though, that Shihoru was annoyed. Maybe even mad. It was the first time Shihoru said anything to her in that tone. Yume couldn’t recall Shihoru ever having spoken to her like that.

Yume flopped over to regard Shihoru, who was sitting on the bed next to hers. She was hanging her head, gaze towards the floor.

“Sorry…” Yume apologized. Shihoru quickly shook her head without looking up and said, “I’m sorry too.”

“You don’t have anythin’ to apologize for,” Yume said.

“But I…”

“You didn’t do anythin’ wrong.”

“No, I did…” Shihoru insisted.

“You didn’t.”

“I think I did.”

“Oh…” Yume finally capitulated.

“What… are we going to do from now on?” Shihoru whispered.


Yume tried thinking about it, but her brain refused to work. The wheels and cogs inside stayed at a dead stop. She tried thinking anyways, uncharacteristically desperate to find adequate words.

“Um, Shihoru?” Yume finally said.


“Yume’s really bad at these kinda things. Yume hates hurtin’ and feelin’ sad… everyone does, right?”

“Yes, I suppose…”

“But you know, for example, if there was a big rainstorm…”


Yume continued, “And it was rainin’ super hard, you wouldn’t go outside for a walk, right? You’d stay inside and hope. You’d hope for it to stop rainin’.”

“I guess I would, yes.”

“But who could really make it stop? It’s like that… There’s nothin’ no one could’ve done about it.”

“Nothing at all…?” Shihoru asked, doubtful.

“Err, meanin’ I don’t think it’s anyone’s bad that things turned out like this. It’s just the way things turned out. It all feels like some big ol’ lie. Yume never thought somethin’ like this could happen.”

“I… me too.”

“Why didn’t Yume ever expect it?” Yume asked herself. “It’s not like these things don’t happen. Yume was supposed to have known that it might’ve, at least…”

Because it wasn’t the first time. No, it had happened once before but Yume had never dreamed that it would happen again. The death of a friend. That Mogzo would die.

“Yume is such an idiot,” said Yume, flipping over to lie on her stomach. Her entire body felt heavy, funya-funya. “Yume was too stupid. This happened because Yume is a big, stupid idiot.”

This time, Shihoru didn’t reply.

Yume suddenly felt very sleepy, but she knew that she wouldn’t be able to fall asleep. She flopped over onto her back. Her body was heavier and more funya-funya than ever before. She had no desire to move. And for the time being, she remained unmoving, unable to move.

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35 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – Funya-Funyan

  1. Thank You for the Translations. The ant-crawling-sensation all over my body has finally stopped. please keep it up and may you provide my fix again next week. Good Job


  2. “Because it wasn’t the first time. No, it had happened once before but Yume had never dreamed that it would happen again. The death of a friend. That Mogzo would die.”
    this quote mirror my feeling and thoughts about this situation,

    Liked by 1 person

    • fu= sigh, nya= cat’s sound? Like a non-energetic cat that’s lying around I guess? Although accurate, I don’t think using depressed is enough to capture the cuteness of Yume properly.

      Liked by 1 person

      • My issue with this is that it is completely jarring. People who don’t know Japanese, no matter how much they pretend they do, won’t get it. Maybe they can infer to a certain extent, but even then, it’d probably be inaccurate, like how you interpreted it.

        Unlike honorifics which don’t have a proper translation in English, funya, as surprising as it is, actually does.

        In that case, it should be used. I usually never support localizing text, but this is the case where I have no choice but to do so. English is simply not an onomatopoeic language.


      • So, the issue with this is you have to be super careful when relying on japanese->english dictionaries for determining what constitutes a “proper” translation, since in the very act of using a dictionary you already lose a lot in translation. I would claim that the connotation of the word is hardly captured by “depressed” – there’s a lot of intrinsic imagery in the onomatopoeia that isn’t captured by as banal an English word as depressed.

        There are probably passable English translations that are somewhat onomatopoeic in nature – for example, you could translate it as “myehhhhhh” as in “Yume was feeling myehhhhhhh” or something. However, my issue is that this doesn’t capture the playfulness as well. At this point I defer to the translator’s judgment. Either way I would say though that a simple straight translation to “depressed” is objectively not the optimal decision under any reasonable metric.

        Liked by 1 person

      • He does concede your point though, just not your solution. =) We’ll think about changing it somehow.


      • I’m not saying depressed is the best alternative. I’m saying funya is ridiculous. And yes, I am a fluent Japanese speaker and have experience translating anime and manga.

        There is no reason to use onomatopoeic terms for this translation because English isn’t that type of language. You can’t translate all the dokidoki, wakuwaku, paaa!, nupunupu, and pyupyu text into onomatopoeia in English because they just don’t work. They sound juvenile, and unless that’s what you’re going for, I’d suggest to avoid it.

        Now for some constructive criticism. How about “limp?” If you wanna sound cute, then use “droopy.” Basically, don’t use language difference as an excuse to be lazy and not translate words that can be translated.


      • I think honestly, the most relevant line in my entire comment is “I defer to the opinion of the translator.” There are many options for how to translate a work, and when you start placing value judgments on things being “ridiculous” and translators being “lazy” then we might start to take issue. Considering that this was a very conscious decision that even warranted a rather visible note at the top of the chapter, and considering I’ve already explained (I hope with concrete arguments) why we went the way we did, I’m personally not going to respond very kindly to any implication that this was anything other than a thought-out decision, unless you have evidence to the contrary that exceeds the realm of “I just don’t agree with this choice.”

        Liked by 1 person

      • To qualify what I said, I just felt that specific word choice seemed lazy. I know translation in general is very hard work, so I apologize if it came off like an insult. None of the translators are lazy by virtue of them doing this great service to the community in the first place.

        I just want to improve the translation of a series that I like. I certainly didn’t mean to offend the translators. I just tried to explain why I was pushing for the change, thinking the translator might not have noticed the jarring aspect of funyafunya in an almost completely English translated story.

        While I do understand this is a conscious decision, that doesn’t make it the best one. I know that’s a value judgment, but so is any other judgment on the “quality” of a work. It really is just my 2 cents, and should be taken as such.

        “Droopy” sounds like a good alternative. It’s awkward enough, just like how funyafunya is awkward enough in Japanese to warrant Yume saying even she isn’t sure what it meant (in that context), yet it captures her mood very well. Limp, no energy, and even gives a visual impression of Yume looking life a cute little sloth in bed.


      • why do you guys make such long comments, it makes me ache =(

        I’m a fan of verbosity, actually, but you had me at your first (brief) comment. We had to release on time, and we didn’t manage to think of anything yet! But as is clear, it wasn’t for lack of trying, and we did recognize it wasn’t ideal.


      • If you have change it I’d vote for “soupy-droopy”. The nonsense rhyming fits her personality and I think captures some of the playfulness of the original Japanese phrase. Plus it creates a visual, like “soup sandwich”, but with mood.
        Still my vote would be to keep it as is.


      • I like the funya… Most people who read manga know that making a cat sound of Nyack is supposed to be playful. I didn’t get that here. Maybe Fu-nya? My two cents.


  3. Thanks for another regular release.
    You should definitely stick with Funya-Funyan. Anyone who thinks that you should find an english replacement isn’t reading fan translations of a japanese light novel on the internet.
    Stay awesome. Until next week.

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  4. For some reason, this chapter is uncharacteristically light. It’s like, if you didn’t remember which series you were reading and what had happened only 2 chapters ago, you’d probably think this is some Feel Good/SOL novel.

    Side note: Thanks for the chapter.


  5. I get that translators have other projects and things to focus on… but the content is terribly lacking in quantity, compared to before, which was already a sluggish crawl. I get that other people suck up to the translators cuz they do a fine jobs at this, and want them to continue this project, but the amount of translated material released per week is dissapointing. Is there anything in motion set to replace TOM (I’d read earlier that he/she suddenly quit?)? I’d hope that something is being done to continue this project, as well as others, to be done at a quicker rate that would keep readers hooked, and not drop it due to the slow pacing.


    • I mean, I put out a call for help, you know? But if no one steps forward, this pace is the best we can do.

      Even if mr. nanodesuboss cares, I don’t terribly mind if people leave because we’re slow…


      • Thanks for going as fast as you can. I like that releases have at least been coming out consistently if not the length a lot of fans would want. Hopefully someone who’s able to help out will step forward. About all I could do would be to check the final translation for grammar errors and readability as I don’t know Japanese.

        Appreciate your work.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I wish I could help Hikaslap but my only knowledge of Japanese is the Kanji characters common with Chinese and the few words I picked up from Anime.


      • I’m just glad I get something to satiate my hunger, unlike some other series *Cough* (haitusXhaitus) *cough*


      • I think you misunderstand the word Antagonist… Ranta is only a irritation at best, the monsters they are fighting are the antagonists.


  6. thanks for the update. i know that the translations will slow down now as mentioned from the previous chapter’s red text, so i’m not complaining. i’m just glad we still have this light novel being translated. keep up the good work, and good luck to the team member/s that are going back into training or education or whatever it was (i can’t remember).

    Liked by 1 person

  7. It is funny how this amazing fiction affects me in real life. I also felt what Yume feels when knowing that Mogzo is… not there anymore.


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