Chapter 0

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LEVEL 4: Chapters of the Chosen and Choosers

All of the remaining orcs were dead now and Shihoru was crying in relief that it was all over. Yume wrapped an arm around the Mage’s shoulders, patting her head and whispering, “It’s okay, it’s alright… I’m glad it’s over too…”

“Can you stand?” Mary asked him.

Yes. Wait, no. The lie had bubbled to his lips unwittingly, because if he said no, maybe Mary would be nice and sympathetic to him… but he decided against it.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Haruhiro said, getting to his feet. “Forget about me though, I’m more worried about—”

Why was Mogzo just standing there? Everyone else was celebrating the victory, arguing about the money, getting healed or whatever but Mogzo was just standing there. And something seemed off. Both his arms hung limp at his sides and he was no longer holding his sword. Actually, Haruhiro was amazed that he was still able to stand.

In his condition, just being on his feet in and of itself was an impressive feat. His helm wasn’t just a misshapen mess, it was slanted off to one side on his head. Blood seeped from all over and trickled to the ground. Then slowly, ever so slowly, he started to fall over. He fell as if the supports holding up something heavy had suddenly been removed.

Mary’s breath caught in her throat. Haruhiro called his name.


Hearing his name called, Mogzo slowly struggled back onto his feet.

“What the heck,” Haruhiro breathed, pressing a hand to his chest in relief.

Mogzo really surprised him. For a second there, he totally panicked. He thought something that couldn’t possibly have happened had just occurred and was glad he was wrong.

“Don’t scare me like that, Mogzo,” he said.

“Ah, sorry, sorry,” Mogzo chuckled bashfully, scratching his head.

Mogzo’s face was covered in so much of his own blood that Haruhiro had a hard time making out his expression. But he somehow seemed to be alright.

“I’m glad you’re okay,” Haruhiro whispered. He closed his eyes and, burying his head in his hands, suppressed a sudden urge to cry. “I’m just glad you’re alive.”

Haruhiro had no idea what to do in that horrible moment when he had thought the worst. If something like that really happened, it would’ve been awful. Worse than awful—it would’ve been unimaginable. But it didn’t. Something like that could never happen.

“I’m so glad…” Haruhiro was actually crying now. Both his hands were wet with tears, he was that relieved.

He’d never felt more relieved and happy his entire life. He seriously thought that they were all done for and everyone pulling through in more or less one piece was like a dream. In fact, this felt like a dream he’d had before. A prophetic dream, perhaps. A dream from last night, where everything went wrong. Strange. Why would he have a dream like that? But whatever, everything was alright after all. Mogzo was wounded and bloody, but he was alive. That was all that mattered.

“Everything’s okay…”

Haruhiro heard the whisper of his own voice in the darkness. He let his hands slide back down to his sides. The shabby reserve force lodge room was pitch black. He had been asleep? He must have been. Which meant… he didn’t want to think about it. Yet a part of him also needed to be certain.

Needing to be absolutely sure, he sat up on the bed. It was the same room they always occupied; the one with two bunks of double beds. Ranta occupied the top bunk across from him and was asleep, snoring softly. The bunk below Ranta’s… was empty. No one slept in it now.

Because Mogzo wasn’t here anymore. He was gone and would never be back.


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112 thoughts on “Chapter 0



  2. All I can type is that he had a honorable death. One worthy of a valiant warrior. But the lost a great man(of my type). Wonder what Renji did when he found out after all he start to respect Mogzo. Seems there should of been a level requirement placed since many got slaughtered such as coco’s team…. Mogzo is not worth one gold. But he is worth Renji and the others life. If not more….😦

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Why do i think that mogzo didn’t die…Instead he joined renji’s team considering that renji said that mogzo was useful so he invited mogzo to join his team and mogzo accepted it.(Well because team renji is badass so you can’t blame him for that XD)
    Its Just A theory n also to keep me from crying because of mogzo😄


    • No, Moguzo was not that kind of person. He was proud being needed by his friends and stood to the end as tanker covering Haruhiro despite being on his last breath.. Goodbye Moguzo, he was a true man.


  4. This is terrible don’t tell me the author is going to slowly kill everyone off but the mc…. that would make this story a pure tragedy tag only….


  5. I don’t think he is dead since why if they got a part of the reward they’re still in the reserve force lodge? I just hope that he is just having a nightmare


  6. This entire series.. has led to this point..
    all those slow as hell but quaintly interesting passages.. all those relationships, the fun times, the struggle… and wow.. this death was ehat it built up to
    Brilliantly executed.. im never forgetting this series anymore.


  7. Yeah I dont think Mogzo is dead >.< I think he joined another team probably or maybe he started selling Ramen!!! He made a lot of money so maybe he said this enough to stop fighting and starting cooking!!


  8. That’s just the feeling of denying. You should know how to face “reality”, come on guys, just accept it, he’s gone!

    Ps: I like mogzo! But the thing is, good bye my brave friend!😥

    Liked by 1 person

  9. if only mogzo had a back up.. or a signal that i need a heal or i need help.. then things would be different they are still green horns.. when is the next update?????


  10. i hate you mogzo.. i hate all you idiot smiles, your stupid sense of kindness, your dumb shyness.
    yes just go away. dont ever come back with your stupid big sword and stupid big body
    just… dont ever comeback here.
    we dont need you, you dumb selfish mogzo.. f you ! ffffff
    .. :’


  11. i think mogzo is alive… since they were back in grimgar he must be busy planing to open his new ramen shop ..that he and ranta promise each other to open….


  12. “Because Mogzo wasn’t here anymore. He was gone and would never be back.”
    to all people who thinks he’s alive, HE’S NOT !! AND HE’S DEAD OK!!
    this last line proves it……AND IM VERY SAD !! AND VERY PI$$ AT THE AUTHOR FOR WRITING THIS KIND OF STUFF. I mean, who does this to their readers. making thing he’s a alive then killing him off in 3 paragraphs of the prologue chapter. God, im just going to sit down and cry now…..


  13. Maan how i whish Haruhiro , grow some balls !!… Or go to bersek mode and see that weird line of atack in everyone … like on assassin mode or someting !! … cause right now .. he´s gonna be bitchin about everything !! a cat on a full moon !!


  14. I just like “oh, wtf” when I read that mogzo not here anymore. Why is the author like to make sad story like ‘manato death’ . actually I rather Ranta that was dead, since he very annoying and can’t read the mood. Lol


  15. It irony that Haruhiro wasn’t able to feel devastated from Choco’s death. Despite her being an existence as important as Mogzo to him.


  16. I seriously doubt I’m gonna get over this. Its been almost a month and Mogzo’s death still makes me sad… If it actually becomes HaruxMary now I aint gonna be happy😥


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