Graphics artist recruitment!

Hi everybody! It’s hikaslap! First of all chapter 4 part 2 is up!!! (link)

So Grimgar’s translation has been around for going on two years now, and I’ve gotten to think that our Shihoru banner is getting a little stale!

We all love Kurokusari for doing it, but you know, Grimgar is pretty popular but we only have one banner, while the dinky unpopular but super good Biblia project has three grand, beautiful banners! What gives??

(And why is Shihoru using fire magic???? That’s because we made this banner two years ago before any of us actually read Grimgar! Aren’t we silly? )

Truth be told, we’ve been short on graphics staff lately, so it’s not only because of Grimgar that we’re looking for an artist. Alright, alright, so here’s the recruitment spiel:

ND Translations is looking for interested graphics artists to come help us out! Your duties will involve either/both making project banners and typesetting color illustrations! (We might also ask you to help us on random other stuff.)

If you only want to make banners or only want to typeset that’s completely fine! 

Please submit an application at the usual link, We will ask you to send work samples; if you wish, your sample can be your rendition of the Grimgar banner, please use the fonts “Hand of Sean” and “Japanese Brush”. If we like it enough we will make it the actual new banner! Yaaaay! 

If you’re not sure whether you’re qualified please contact us here. 

Thanks everybody! Please apply!




notif post! ! !

Beep boop, this is a notification post for those who use thingies that respond to the appearance of WordPress posts on light novel sites.

Chapter 4 part 1 is up! Come! Read it! Please =(


Teamwork! (chapter 4 incoming!)

Hi everyone! Chapter 4 is done and in editing, we’ll release some on Wednesday and some on Sunday. Also, please pick up the Volume 3 EPUB and PDF if you haven’t already!

EDIT: Chapter 4 is UP!


While TOM is dealing with work stuff, two other translators (me personally and another translator) will be picking up a bit of the slack to bring you Grimgar releases for the next week or two. Schedule isn’t set yet since we just started, but just wanted to let the readers know.

At the same time, this doesn’t change the fact that we are still interested in recruiting a translator helper for this project to ensure high-quality, timely releases. If you’re interested let us know.


No release today… (BUT!)

Hi everybody, it’s hikaslap. The evil TOM is so evil, he has a “work crunch”. Whether a “work crunch” is some new vile ritual or otherwise, I know not, but in any case, TOM will be performing this “work crunch” until September. It is dastardly. I am sorry.

In fact, I am no stranger to these “work crunches”, but in the past, the editors and I have always managed to set up a chapter buffer barrier so that we can release translated material even while the ritual occurs. But TOM has a new “job”, and they have been more frequent…so now our chapter buffer is gone.

I’m not sure how frequently this will happen again, and we’ll certainly try to build more buffers. In the meantime, I’ll see if I can outsource some work? Maybe I can enlist another translator to help out on Grimgal in-house. And I’d still love it if someone could apply!

In other news (BUT!), I’ll finish the pdf and epub today. Yes, I know the Afterword has not been translated yet. Sorry! I can add it in pretty quickly as a second release.

EPUB and pdf are DONE! Come check it out!


Update on ebook status/general status

Hi guys! It’s hikaslap!

In the previous post, nanodesu came onto the Grimgal page =( He doesn’t belong here. But that’s what happens when you’re late on updates, I guess, is you get your boss barging in, and a buttload of comments yelling at us (none of which we can approve)…

the chapter is up now, and yes, I’ve been having some fun problems with batteries and technology.

As for the ebooks, I’M WORKING ON IT ;___; literally right this moment!!!! I’m sorry I said end of July, sorry sorry sorry ahhhh go ahead and yell at me in the comments all you want ahhhh i’m sorrrryyyyy


My God guys, stop freaking out

I’ve been getting treated to a constant stream of “omg where is the next update” messages in my inbox. Stop freaking out. Hikaslap’s been having some technical issues and the next update will be up soon after he can figure that out (which will be soon).


Current Progress – UNRELEASING!

LEVEL 4: 43% (Project was licensed at Chapter 7 (Part 4 of 4) of 18, on 10/27/16.)

And thanks for participating in the poll! People really like their romance, huh? I like love too. And no one likes Souma, but unfortunately for you guys, he’s on the front cover. (I have no idea how to lock the poll, so I posted the results as of 7/14.)

Project is currently being unreleased!!!!!!!