Graphics artist recruitment!

Hi everybody! It’s hikaslap! First of all chapter 4 part 2 is up!!! (link)

So Grimgar’s translation has been around for going on two years now, and I’ve gotten to think that our Shihoru banner is getting a little stale!

We all love Kurokusari for doing it, but you know, Grimgar is pretty popular but we only have one banner, while the dinky unpopular but super good Biblia project has three grand, beautiful banners! What gives??

(And why is Shihoru using fire magic???? That’s because we made this banner two years ago before any of us actually read Grimgar! Aren’t we silly? )

Truth be told, we’ve been short on graphics staff lately, so it’s not only because of Grimgar that we’re looking for an artist. Alright, alright, so here’s the recruitment spiel:

ND Translations is looking for interested graphics artists to come help us out! Your duties will involve either/both making project banners and typesetting color illustrations! (We might also ask you to help us on random other stuff.)

If you only want to make banners or only want to typeset that’s completely fine! 

Please submit an application at the usual link, We will ask you to send work samples; if you wish, your sample can be your rendition of the Grimgar banner, please use the fonts “Hand of Sean” and “Japanese Brush”. If we like it enough we will make it the actual new banner! Yaaaay! 

If you’re not sure whether you’re qualified please contact us here. 

Thanks everybody! Please apply!



Current Progress – LEVEL 4, Chapter 7 (Part 4 of 4) – (10/23/2016)

LEVEL 4: 43% (Most recently Chapter 7 (Part 4 of 4) of 18 on 10/10/16)

Welcome to Volume 4! Important announcements here, click me. And thanks for participating in the poll! People really like their romance, huh? I like love too. And no one likes Souma, but unfortunately for you guys, he’s on the front cover. (I have no idea how to lock the poll, so I posted the results as of 7/14.)

Volume 3 EPUB and PDF are DONE! Come check it out!


Welcome to “Grimgar of Ashes and Illusion”! translated by TOM, updates Sundays.

(I blog! Scroll down to read cute Grimgar posts and do cute Grimgar polls. Well, that is, if you have nothing to do after catching up to the main story. And yes, I know, cute is subjective.)

Hey, folks. My name’s hikaslap, and I’m glad to introduce to you our translation of Hai to Gensou no Grimgar, or Grimgar of Ashes and Illusion, by Ao Jyumonji. Grimgar is a book about kids stuck in an unforgiving story — which the author pumps as full of JRPG conventions as he can. Gold pieces? Yes. Instant learning of skills? Yes. Steady level growth, painless day-to-day life, grand epic plot?

From all the games we’ve played, you might think yes, but the answer to that one is no. These kids fight tooth and nail, agonize week after week, in a world where the only goal is earning money — or at least enough money to not sleep hungry that night. It’s a struggle without flair or sparkle, in spite of the fantastic (and blatantly game-esque) magic and weapons they wield. In this story, life plods on everyday, and between the deaths and drama, gradually they find out where they’ve been headed this whole time. They find out where it is that they want to go. Wasn’t it the same for you?

So if you like this story and want someone to feel grateful to, first of all thank Jyumonji-sensei and read the official releases should they ever come out. But second of all thank TOM for his hard work and weekly posts. He thanks you, too, for reading. It was apparently a highly rewarding experience to translate this book, even for him. (See our About page or this post for more info on TOM.)

–hikaslap, erstwhile Grimgar editor

Oct 23 release!

This is a double release!

However we’re releasing it late-ish tonight =( Check in the evening and it should be up, but I’m not sure how late we’re doing it exactly. Pacific Standard Time, btw.


Oct 16 release delayed, but double release next week

Hi guys, meant to post this a couple days ago, ugh.

I really thought we’d be able to release today, but the stench of busy-ness has affected us all. We should be able to give you guys a double release next week to make up for it, though. Sorry about that =(


Oct 9 release delayed

Hey guys,

Same story as last week. Give it ’til Wednesday.

EDIT: Just kidding, it’s out Monday Oct 10. 


Oct 2 release delayed

Hi guys,

Sorry to be the bearer of lame news again. TOM could not complete the next Grimgal part, which is Chapter 7 part 1 Volume 4, so Lono once again saved our butts for this next release. We can’t get it in time exactly for editing though—give it a couple of days. I think we should get it out on Wednesday.


Chapter 5 today is a double release!

Hi guys!

I won’t be available to clean up and post a part next Sunday the 11th, so Chapter 5 is a double release for this week instead. We’re posting a full chapter that we originally intended to split up into two parts!

Of course, double release is the same size that our single releases used to be before Volume 4, because of TOM’s new career path. We’re still looking for a translator! Help us out!


notif post! ! !

Beep boop, this is a notification post for those who use thingies that respond to the appearance of WordPress posts on light novel sites.

Chapter 4 part 1 is up! Come! Read it! Please =(